The 2014 season of the Duvall Farmers Market is from May 1st  thru October 9th from 3-7pm.


Cosmic Creamery was born when founder Kelly Berger began to make ice cream for her friends on their birthdays. Each person was allowed to choose their own flavor, and even encouraged to pick things they hadn’t seen before as ice cream. In a whirlwind year of recipe research, churning familiar favorites such as mint chocolate chip, strange requests including candied olive ice cream, and changing recipes to account for food allergies, She had very few culinary disasters. Kelly’s birthday gifts to her friends were a big hit and she amassed a large assortment of ice cream and sorbet recipes. Some were from books, some from the internet, and some she developed herself. To no one's surprise, her friends were clamoring for more.

After a lot of reading and business planning, Kelly decided it was time to take her ice cream making addiction past hobby status. Making ice cream and developing new recipes was fun, hammering away at a business plan was much less fun, but necessary. Once she was prepared, Kelly sought out financial support to make Cosmic Creamery happen. One too many banks politely and not so politely told her that she would need to be in business for at least two years before they would agree to a “start-up” loan. Kelly took her ice cream plan to the internet. She ran a successful crowd-funding campaign through the website Kickstarter and received the capital to make Cosmic Creamery a reality. Commercial kitchen space was leased, an insulated ice cream cart was purchased, and three different ice cream machines started churning out delicious desserts in the spring of 2013.

Today Cosmic Creamery is in its second summer of ice cream sales at farmers markets. Kelly and her fiancé Adam Faber spend a few days a week making ice cream and sell it at two weekly farmers markets. As many ingredients as possible are purchased from Washington state farms, dairies, and companies. “We live in an incredible state for a bounty of food!” Kelly explains. While ingredients like tropical fruits still have to come from elsewhere, most of Cosmic Creamery’s ingredients are purchased at farmers markets. “It’s so much fun to see what produce is in season at the markets and take advantage of that freshness. It always tastes better.” Buying local food and supporting Washington communities is one of the principles that Kelly built Cosmic Creamery around.




Fresh Bucks Program

.The Duvall Farmers Market is happy to support the Fresh Bucks program at the market again this year.  Fresh Bucks provides consumers who receive SNAP/EBT benefits with extra buying power (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps). By matching up to $10 spent per SNAP/EBT card holder on each visit to the Duvall Farmers Market, participants are able to purchase more produce from local farmers.  The purpose of the program is to expand access to fresh, healthy local food to low-income shoppers at farmers markets.

The Duvall Farmers Market will double the first $10 spent by a SNAP/EBT cardholder each market day. Go to the market information canopy to swipe your card and receive matching funds in Fresh bucks currency. Fresh Bucks matches for fruit and vegetable purchases only, not processed or prepared food, or non food items.
Once you receive your Fresh Bucks, you may purchase from any vendor who sells fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, or vegetable starts. No change will be given for Fresh Bucks.



Cha New Life Gardens - Fresh produce, fruits & flowers.

Local Roots Farm - Fresh produce & herbs.

Ayala - Fresh produce.

River Willow Farms - Fresh Produce.


Martin Orchards - Pears, apples, cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, pluots  & plums.

Hayton Berry - Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & blackberries.


Aldrich Farms - sweet and savory mustards and jellies.


Squaw Creek Cattle Company  - Grass fed beef with brewer's grain finishing. Individual packages of steaks, roasts, hamburger & other specialty cuts. Back July 17th.


Cherry Valley Dairy - Butter, soft cheeses, hard cheeses & whey.


Val's Surroundings Honey - Local varietal honey. Every other week.


Georges Bakery - Full array of baked goods

Magic Chopsticks - Asian food prepared on-site with fresh market veggies.

Veraci Pizza - Fresh made pizza

Cosmic Creamery - Hand made Ice cream - Coming in July

Simplicity Kettle Corn - Fresh popped kettle corn

Anchorhead Coffee - Cold brewed coffee and specialty drinks.

314 Pie - Australian style savory pies.


Married Merchants - Wood furniture and hand appliqued wool pillows.

CH Wool   - wool yarns, wool rugs & wool products.

Martin-Robinson Productions  - Hand knitted hats & hand beaded jewelry.

Snowflake Cottage - wire wrap & hand beaded jewelry.

Lulu's Face Painting - butterflies, tigers and Zombies oh my!

Bella Nyah  - Boutique Accessories - for little girls & their moms.

Mt Forest Beadery - hand beaded jewelry.

Heavenly Soap - hand made soaps


Mozolf Meats  - Cat and Dog Food

Picollo Winery  - bag wine.

alternating weeks with

Cedar Ridge Winery  - bottled wine.


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