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Pastured meat comes from animals who spend their entire lives eating what they were designed by nature to eat, and getting exercise, fresh air and sunlight. They tend to be healthy, with no need for antibiotics or other drugs. Because they range through rotating pastures, they aren’t stressed or crowded. When grass-fed animals are allowed to grow slowly and naturally to the appropriate processing weight, they don’t need growth hormones. Beef is generally referred to as “grass-fed,” while pork and poultry are referred to as “pastured” or “free-range.”

Pastured animals produce manure that enriches the fields they roam on and nourishes birds, promoting a diverse ecosystem. Grass-fed meat and milk are recognized as healthier and are consistently lower in harmful fats than commercially raised products. In addition to nourishing pasture rather than depleting the soil, pastured animals are healthier for the environment as their wastes don't become a source of pollution, and more sustainable as they don't have to travel a long distance to your plate.

USDA and Health and Human Services (HHS) current recommendations on what Americans should eat advise eating less red meat. The updated My Plate, formerly known as the Food Pyramid, is based on health concerns, but concerns about the environmental impact of raising beef cattle is also factored in. Not factored in is the difference between conventional beef production, which includes over-grazing of lands and finishing cattle on GMO grains in feedlots, and beef produced by farmers who raise cattle on grass, using rotational grazing methods that actually improve the environment.

Duvall Farmers market offers pastured beef once each month through Squaw Creek Cattle Company, a multi generational farm based in Everson, WA. Squaw Creek natural grass fed beef is higher in antioxidants, has higher levels of vitamin E & beta carotene, more omega 3 fats, less overall fat, and fewer calories. They keep a happy, healthy herd without the use of artificial growth stimulants, hormones or feed based antibiotics. The cattle are slaughtered on site in a humane manner by Island Grown Farmer's Cooperative and all the beef is USDA inspected and approved.

Squaw Creek will be at the market on June 6, July 9, August 13, September 10 and October 15. Please check the newsletter weekly for updates or schedule changes.

Music at the Market

Music this week is folk & blues performed by Tim Psiaki and friends.

Music partially sponsored by Duvall Foundation for the Arts.

Children's Booth Activities

Water Color Art and by Cherry Valley Kid's Kastle.

Vendors June 11th


Ayala Farm

Seasonal vegetables & fruits

Cha New Life Gardens

Seasonal vegetables, fruits & flowers

Green Fields Farm

Seasonal vegetables

Hayton Berry Farm 


Local Roots Farm

Seasonal vegetables, flowers & herbs

Martin Family Orchards

Apples, pears, fruit spreads, apple and pear cider

River Willow Farm

Seasonal vegetables & plant starts


Cherry Valley Dairy

Butter, soft cheeses, hard cheeses.  Quail eggs.


Squaw Creek Cattle Company

Grass-fed beef with brewer's grain finishing. Individual packages of steaks, roasts, hamburger & other specialty cuts.


314 Pie

Australian-style savory and sweet pies

Georgia's Bakery

Full array of baked gooda

Luv Macarons

Sweet and savory macarons

Patty Pan Grill

Fresh vegetable quesadillas. Beef, pork or vegetarian tamales. Organic, whole-wheat tortillas sold by the dozen.

Sambusa Shave Ice

Shave ice with fruit and vegetable juice flavoring. No dyes or artificial ingredients.

Simply Kettle Corn

Fresh popped kettle and caramel corn.

Thyme and Season

Dried soup, hummus and meat kits and seasonings

Veraci's apologizes - due to a scheduling error they will not be at the market this week - back next week.


CH Wool

Wool yarns, wool rugs & wool products

Debbie BB Art

Hand-thrown pottery

Married Merchants Folkart

Wood furniture and hand-appliqued wool pillows

Art Jewelry by Martin-Robinson Productions

Hand-knitted hats & Hand-beaded gemstone jewelry

Yarn Mountain Designs

Fiber and yarn baskets & trivets


Picolla Cellars

Wine packaged in eco-friendly totes. Wine tasting is offered this year.


Porter's Pride

Cat and Dog raw diet food made with local meats, grains and essential oils.

Market Logo Bags

Stop in the Market Info Booth and pick up your Market Logo Tote for an $8 donation.
Fold the large tote into the small attached pouch. Hook it onto your keys, purse, belt loop so the 40 LB capacity shopping bag is always with you when you shop.
Keep plastic out of the landfills and save some trees.

Duvall Farmers Market Accepts
Debit, Credit & EBT

Please come to the Info Booth to scan your cards.

Fresh Bucks, FMNP WIC & SR
Matching Programs

Duvall Farmers Market will match the first $10 of EBT and up to 2 FMNP WIC or Senior vouchers each Market day. Please come to the Info Booth to receive your cards to purchase fresh produce.
Thank you to our generous anonymous donors for supporting this program.

As A Courtesy to our Neighboring Businesses:

Please use the designated Farmers Market parking in the lot by the old Union Bank building or parking available on the surface streets. ATM available at the Texaco station for cash.
Duvall Farmers Market appreciates support from the following local businesses:

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