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At the beginning of the year we decided to do the newsletter every two months rather than quarterly. Our desire is to pass on ‘news and information’ as soon as possible. We contend with two realities; one is personnel to dedicate to this and secondly, the alarming pace of our world today. Indeed, it is the information age, revolutionized by the internet and social media. However, it makes us happy that we can connect with you on a regular basis; no doubt we may carry stories that are especially for you and you might not have heard them from other sources. We are truly overwhelmed with all that is happening in the various communities, churches and nations and it is important that we discern the ‘gloved hands’ of God as he works out his purposes. Our hope is to encourage you to be discerning and prayerfully dispositional and obedient to the Lord. The last two months brought much to our attention for prayer and trust you will be one with us in these.

A Call for Prayer for the Middle East

As we continue to join the global church in prayer for peace in the Middle East we want to appeal that we particularly pray for the safety and immediate release of two Archbishops Bishops kidnapped on the border between Syria and Turkey recently.Archbishop Mar Gregorius Yohanna Ibrahim of the Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese of Aleppo and Archbishop Boulos Yazaji of the Greek Orthodox of Aleppo, who were intercepted by armed men as they traveled from Turkish border areas where they were undertaking humanitarian work. It is understood that the bishop’s driver was shot and killed. 
Click here to view full media release from the Global Christian Forum

By  AEA General Secretary, Rev. Aiah Foday-Khabenje



The celebration of Easter in our context is very significant. The underlying fact is that, in the Christian calendar the celebration of the risen Lord forms the foundation of the Christian faith. He is indeed the reason for the season. This is more so relevant in the context of the Gambia, where the percentage of Christians is 6% of the total population of the nation...  Read more


At first glance, one could mistake this scenario as one describing Mali: poor governance, lack of attention and responsiveness to ethnic groups or regions - often tribal based - which then leads to bitterness, lack of connection to the concept of a nation, ending in a coup... Read more

The Global Children’s Forum (GCF) Meets in Africa- Limuru, Kenya April 22-26, 2013

The Global Children’s Forum (GCF) is a dynamic global partnering family that exists to encourage and equip the global church for the evangelism and discipleship of the 2+ billion children of the world. The focus of Global Children’s Forum gathering was to enable the church from the different parts of the globe to work together on projects and explore new ideas...Read more


The spate of religious related violence in a section of African countries is taking alarming dimensions Egypt, the latest casualty saw Copts and Muslims tussle in two places: near Al-Azhar University, one of the largest and most significant religious institutions in the Islamic world...Read more



The Kenyan elections were characterized by a huge society wide push for peace, transparency and credibility. It was an ambitious undertaking to elect the President, the national assembly, the senate, governors and county representatives in one day. The IEBC retained the electorates trust. Most Impressive was the fact that over... Read more

World Week of Prayer for Children

The first week end of June is the World Week end of Prayer for children at risk – do join people around the world to pray for this. The theme this year is Family.
Pray for the hearts and minds of children hurt by family break-up or traumatised by domestic abuse. Ask God to comfort and heal them....Read more

Ministry opportunity with AEA:

The AEA needs volunteers or Missionaries who can raise their own support to serve the church in Africa and under the auspieces of AEA in the following roles.

Administration & Resource Management
Programme Facilitator/Director
Communication and Public Advocacy
...Read more

Press Release

Rwanda Takes a Laudable Step towards African Integration

A press release from the Rwandan Embassy in Addis states that as of January 1st, 2013"Nationals of all African Countries travelling or transiting to Rwanda shall be issued entry visa...

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Click here to view full press release from the Rwandan Embassy
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