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Facebook has made a change to its News Feed algorithm that you need to be aware of. Why is it important and why should you pay attention to this? Because it will effect how many people will actually see your posts in their newsfeed, which will effect your engagement with your fans. Rest assured, it's something that you can easily change and it just might help your Page stand out all the more!

The Change

This week Facebook announced that News Feeds will see less text-only posts from Pages. Why is that? Because Facebook saw that text-only posts were not getting much engagement from Pages. Buffer shared a great article that was featured on Social Media Examiner talking about this very thing. Here's what they had to say:

Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith said that that there are around 1500 stories that could be shown to a Facebook user in their News Feed at any moment. As that number continues to grow, Facebook has the tough job of choosing what to show users—and of course, the algorithm needs to prioritize content that users will enjoy and engage with, so they spend more time on the site.

In addition to the fewer text-only posts, they shared that they will push more "link share" posts from Pages to the News Feed of fans that follow our pages. If you are wondering what a "link share" post is, you've come to the right place! 

Let's say you just wrote a blog post that you want to share on your Facebook Page. In the past you would share a short write-up about the post and embed the link directly into the post. This way of sharing links is no longer effective. In other words, don't share a post like this:

Instead, create a link-share post like this:

See the difference? Obviously an image is included as well as some text below the image, but the link itself isn't in the post. That's because when fans click on the image it will take them directly to the article you want to share. That is a "link-share" post. This actually isn't "new," per say, to Facebook. But with the changes to the algorithms it's going to give more attention to link-share posts rather than just text only posts.

So how do you create a link-share post?

When you are going to add a link to your post, you will notice that an image and the title/text below the image will automatically show up. Simply delete the link in your status update because the image is now clickable. And thus, you made a link-share!

Something else that you can do is create your own images to go along with your posts. Sometimes what I do is just do a screen grab of a page or I have an image that I'm using in my post that I upload that to my post as well.

It's a small change that can make a big difference! As we've mentioned before, images are an important aspect to your social media visibility and this simple change will help you bring more visuals to your posts automatically.

We will keep you posted on other changes.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.

To your success,

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