Opera Night Long Island

Upcoming concert will take place:

This Friday, April 5th in Northport

St. Paul's United Methodist Church, 270 Main Street

$10 donation
7:30 pm: The Chamber Music Pre-concert will feature:  Hiroko Nakahara, violin and Isabella Eredita Johnson, piano performing: 
E. Poldini: Poupee Valsante 
Edward Elgar: Salut d'amour 
Edvard Grieg:  Sonata for violin and piano c minor, op. 45, Allegro molto ed appassionato 
Jules Massanet: Meditation from "Thais"

8:00 pm: Opera Night
Performers include: 
Lauren Haber, soprano
Gary Lorentzson, baritone
Jackie Murphy, soprano
Danielle Davis, soprano
Arthur Lai, tenor
Mary DeMarco Lee, soprano
Jeanny Schwartz, mezzo soprano

Opera Night's recent performance:

Oyster Bay, March 17, 2013

61 East Main Street, Oyster Bay


Maurizio Casa, tenor
Cheryl Warfield, soprano
Danielle Davis, soprano
Kimberly Iannuzzi, soprano
Jeanny Schwartz, mezzo soprano
Alex Sheerin, tenor

Kelly Horsted, piano


Memos from Maddalena :

 All the turbulence and entanglements within the story line of opera did not weigh down our devoted and joyful audience this past Sunday in Oyster Bay. Out steadfast proficient accompanist Kelly Horsted took the helm and steered us all into the beautiful and stirring world of opera. Our seven singers, taking turns in presenting aria upon aria were in great voices and surrounded us all in the full gamet and range of emotion. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Kimberly Iannuzzi, with a lilt in her voice sang " Waiting for my dearie" (Brigadoon) and Daniele Davis sang the heart
wrenching song, "Oh Danny boy." Cheryl Warfield takes on" Morro" from "Un ballo in maschera."  This three act gem by Verdi has many twist
and turns including a mystic who predicts the future. Cheryl tells us when you seek the advice of a fortune teller you better take it. This admonition becomes so dire because the adulterous heroine, Amelia's infidelity is uncovered as she sings" I shall die". This was a great presentation. Alex Sheerin,  our sophomore from New England Conservatory of Music, loves music. And this shines through when he delivers "Una furtiva lagrima" by Donizetti.  This highly charged romantic aria (furtive tears ) brings tears to my eyes and looking around the room I saw many patrons misting over. Once again the hero Nemorino finds out that the love potion worked on his amore, Adina. Alex renews our faith in the power of love. Jeanie Schwartz is Delilah waiting for Samson's arrival. She is evoking the god of love to destroy the enemy of her people. Wonderfully sung by our mezzo.  Maurizio chose an aria from Tosca. "Recondita armonia", the plaintiff pining of a man in love . Mario the painter.who compare his love Floria to a painting and we are convinced  of his unfailing love as he waxes poetic. Maurizio sings to us in poetic verse, "art in its mysterious ways blends the contrasting beauties together, But while I'm painting her, my only thought is of you, Tosca it is of you!" Poetry and opera complement each other in this lovely piece. Arthur Lai's selection "Core n grato" by Salvatore Carrillo has an interesting
back story. The composer born in Naples studied piano and composition before he emmigrated to America in 1903. Enico Caruso
included this melancholy tale  of spurned love in his repertoire. Opera is all this and more. Visually beautiful, esthetically  mesmerizing, and always riveting. 

Opera Night performs at the Suffolk Theater!

With Opera Night singers, Kate Cooke and Danielle Davis (soprano) and guest, Vincent Ricciardi, tenor

A MOONSTRUCK Evening! Film, Food & Fun!
Friday 4/26
A MOONSTRUCK Evening! Film, Food & Fun!
SHOWS 7:00pm

A MOONSTRUCK EveningA night to remember including film, food, fun and a few surprises!
Enjoy a fabulous Italian meal, sing along with Angelo, our strolling accordion player, and thrill to vocal performances of classic Italian popular songs and operatic selections from the film performed live by members of Opera Night, including Vincent Ricciardi,
And of course, don’t forget the showing of the film, MOONSTRUCK!….and we’ll all join in for the champagne toast (sugar cubes included!), at the end of film.
We’ll also provide some great Moonstruck Trivia and a Moonstruck Movie “Did You Know.”
Special guests include Anita Gillette, who played the role of Mona in the film.
And so in the words of Ronny Cammareri, portrayed by Nicholas Cage in the film,
“I have a feeling this is going to be just delicious.”
So join us for an unforgettable Italian-American evening, and you too will be Moonstruck! Grazie!


Opera Night Gala,

May 19th, 3:00 pm

Show your support of the Opera Night series by encouraging family and friends to attend by. Tickets are selling. They can be purchased on line:
An art auction will be taking place. Paintings can be viewed at : click "May 19th Gala" This art auction is a fund raiser for the Opera Night series, and is an opportunity to purchase original art work. Spread the word. 

Interview with Kara Cornell, mezzo soprano by Jenny Ingersoll:

Kara Cornell is a classically trained mezzo-soprano who also performs jazz, musical theatre, and pop. She is a Carnegie Mellon graduate and received her masters from Stony Brook University. Having performed in multiple performances of “Carmen” Cornell has also performed in “Le Nozze di Figaro,” “Cosi Fan Tutte,” and “Il Barbiere di Siviglia.” Cornell’s other passions include various philanthropic activities, including supporting Alley Cat Allies, donating blood and platelets and volunteering as a “big sister” through Big Brothers Big Sisters. 
1) On your website you state that you didn't get interested in singing until you were 15 - what happened that sparked this passion?
I was a very shy kid, so the thought of performing in front of people was not appealing. I always loved singing though, and during 9th grade I auditioned for the after school jazz choir. The teacher in charge couldn't believe I wasn't in music classes, and strongly encouraged me to do more. Once I agreed to join the school choir (it took some convincing by my mom), I slowly became more involved. I was lucky because, the Smithtown Schools had a wonderful music and drama department.

2) Does being a "cross-over" artist affect how you train, practice or select projects?
Becoming a "cross-over artist" happened naturally for me in my career - as a classically trained singer, I had no idea I'd be hired to perform pop, jazz and musical theater. I guess this is because of my philosophy to just go with the flow - when someone hires me for something outside of my comfort zone, I try it and then I've learned something! There IS a different technique when performing each genre, but the basic technique of breathing, calm and organic production is always the same for me. I know my vocal strengths and limits, so it's easy for me to explain what I can do when someone wants to hire me for something. 

3) You have played Carmen multiple times - what is it like to go into a role having played it before but in a different production?
Oh Carmen! Ya know, about 5 years ago I was told by multiple professionals that I'd never play Carmen?! I was so annoyed by the limitations being put upon me that I made it a goal to perform the role - and now I've done 5 productions in 3 years. Anyway, I love being able to do a role multiple times, because there's a new layer being unearthed each time I work with a new cast, crew and company. It's like watching a really great movie - you catch so much more after the 2nd, 3rd and 4th watching! I have to be careful though, because directors don't like hearing "Well, when I sang this with blah blah opera company, they did it the opposite way."

4) One of the things you teach is how to manage stage fright. Do you have any advice for all of us?

Yes - get your butt out there and perform all the time. Use any chance you have to face your fears and just do it. The more a person does something, the more they know what to expect, how their body will react, how their brain will fire, and how the audience looks while you're up there sweating. No experience is insignificant - I think I've learned more from my church solo job than from any single production I've done.

5) What Opera would you like to perform in that you have not done before?
I've actually had a list of "roles I'd love to perform" for quite a while. The only major role I'm still dying to sing is Cinderella in Rossini's LA CENERENTOLA. I've sung the evil step-sister, but not the title role... Yet!

6) You perform and teach, but you are also involved in many philanthropic activities. Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years? 
In 10 years I hope to still have a balance in my life between performing, traveling, time at home and pursuing my philanthropic hobbies. I'd just love to be hired more consistently, get paid more for it and work with very talented people. That's it really - I'm quite happy with the life I have now in upstate NY!



Opera Night Gala Art Auction: May 19th 
All paintings below are available for purchase.
50% of purchase will benefit Opera Night. 
Show your support. Opening bid begins at $250
Art Auction

Painting: Mike Krasowitz

Read featured article on Opera Night's curator

Painting: Emily Eisen

Painting: Fred Byrnes

Painting: Kate Kelly

Painting: Gary Ivan

Painting: Krum Sotirov

Painting: Deborah Katz

Photo by Shana

Painting: Alexis Marino

Painting: Ed McEvoy

Linda Louis

Marna Schoenwald

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