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In our first newsletter of the year there is already so much to share; so many things that have happened. Victories followed by challenges and everything in between. As we are in the midst of pursuing a building and seeking clarity on what building to pursue, God seems to be more concerned about raising our level of faith. As we have been in the midst of pioneering the first Sign Language DTS in Europe, we have had to put a hold on it for now due to the coronavirus. We will be restarting the Sign Language DTS later this year and gathering the students again for the last five weeks of lecture phase and outreach. The Cutting Edge DTS we hoped to run in April needs to be postponed and at the moment we are not sure if Summer Nightlife Outreach 2020 will be able to continue due to the spread of the coronavirus. But while this is all going on it would still be difficult not to be excited for all the things God is doing. We have been seeing our experiment with starting a small business for young men from disadvantaged backgrounds immediately bear fruit. We have seen our Sign Language DTS students grow. We continue to see our Henri Coanda team expand. Last but not least, we are seeing churches open their doors for us and we are forming new partnerships with them.We serve a good God, even in challenging times.


The Leadership Team


YWAM Constanta is in need of more space! We need space for our ministries, accommodation, meeting and office space, and classroom space for our schools. And we believe this is the time that God wants to release it to us. Exciting!

As most of you know we have looked at more than 20 different buildings before the end of last year. We were left to make
a decision on what building to pursue to become our new home in the city. This process has been a very good process, but has been taking us longer than initially expected. 

  • We have been seeking the advice of a team of architects, engineers and contractors on the structure of the buildings. 
  • We have been seeking the advice of other base leaders that have been buying YWAM buildings in faith. 
  • We have taken time to pray and fast and get clarity from God. Although we definitely saw God speaking to us, we didn’t get the clarity we were hoping for.
  • We are right now in a process of calculating what it would cost to run the building once we have bought it.

All this information will help us step into this project full of faith with our eyes wide open. Do look out for us! :)

To learn about and go deeper with God in your native language is such a special thing. For most of us, it can be easy but for others it’s not as easy. At YWAM Constanta, we are pioneering a Sign Language Discipleship Training School and the heart behind it comes from God. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus, the school has been placed on pause but we are looking forward to when everyone is going to be reunited when this whole thing passes. 

Though the students were only here for part of their lecture phase, God worked in them and through them. Here is a testimony from Mary-Jayne, a student from the United Kingdom

"Before I came to Romania, God showed me that I needed to accept myself for who I am which I was always in denial about. I avoided His truth, His comfort and His heart because I couldn’t face the fact. 

On my very first experience before Sign Language DTS began, there was a morning the base leader was being totally real and confrontational with his true relationship with God. I was speechless but also intrigued because I want that kind of relationship with our Father too. 
As the weeks went by, my relationship with the Father grew. He showed me a ladybird on the beach and I heard His voice for the first time saying, “You’re precious and beautiful like a ladybird.” I still battled and struggled to accept His tender words of the truth about me.

I learnt that if we believed in the lies from the devil, it would become the truth. The Lord never lies to us because He is the way, the truth and the life. I then began to seek for His truth and gradually accepted that my past is gone. I accepted from the Father’s heart that I am enough as a Daughter of God, Woman of God, a mother to my son, a gifted Worship Leader and an Encourager. I wasn’t expecting to be in a place where I’m exploring more about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit plus being in a healing place too. To learn more about God, it’s important to allow your heart to heal too."
Discipleship in action

We often talk about discipleship, but how often do we actually do it? YWAM Constanta has begun to see the fruits of discipleship from our ministries. Giuniet Aldea, one of our staff members, has been discipled through different ministries for years and his story with YWAM began when he was 13 years old. 

Giuniet grew up in a social housing project called "Henri Coanda." It was built by the mayor of Constanta in 2012 for the poor and needy in the city. Shortly after, our base started ministering there and Giuniet met one of our staff members, Bart, who began a friendship with him. At the time, Giuniet was a Muslim because he has grown up that way. His consistent friendship with Bart led to him hearing about God. 

As a young boy, Giuniet had many questions about God and became interested in learning more. He was invited to King’s Kids, our ministry that works with teenagers throughout the city. As Giuniet attended that, he also began helping with the Henri Coanda ministry to the others who lived around him. He continued growing in his relationship with the Lord through each of these things. However as you draw nearer to the Lord, the Devil also presses in to you.
Giuniet had a girlfriend that wasn’t the best influence on him and for a period of time he had fallen away from his growth. During that time, Giuniet had a few people reach out and invite him back to church. When he came back, Giuniet's fire for the Lord was reignited and his growth continued.

Guni 13
Guni 13a

King’s Kids, along with other base ministries and staff, kept pouring into him as he was growing. To go more in depth with his knowledge, he decided to do a DTS. Upon completion of the DTS, Giuniet came on as staff working with Summer Nightlife Outreach, serving the Henri Coanda neighborhood and he recently became a part of the DTS team. Giuniet is also helping with “Reclaimed” which is a pioneer ministry as a part of our Community Transformation ministry. “Reclaimed” is working with young men from Giuniet’s neighborhood to help them discover their God given worth and potential through wood working projects and discipleship through relationships.

Our staff of “Reclaimed” is currently discipling a young man who hasn’t made the best choices in the past and is open to seeing all that God has for his life. He is learning different wood working skills while building relationships with the entire YWAM Constanta community. 

When you disciple through relationships, the outcomes are so amazing! We have begun to see the fruit of many years of ministry in Henri Coanda! We continue to plant more seeds and harvest the ones that are ready, just like with Giuniet.

Coming Up

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