Dear friend!
What a joy it is to be part of an international community! Apart from learning and growing together, which can come with its challenges, we also get to celebrate each other’s holidays: from American Thanksgiving, to Romania’s National Day, to the Dutch Sinterklaas. And that in just of few weeks time! But that is not all; we had our Discipleship Training School graduating early December as well. Another reason for good food and celebration!

In the meantime Christmas is approaching soon and we are in the middle of preparing extra events to celebrate the birth of Christ with the children, teenagers, families, students and deaf community that we reach out to. Pray with us that many lives will be impacted as Christ is shared in many different events.

And then we have some very exciting news to share concerning the next season of YWAM Constanta. We believe we are on the edge of a new day for our community as we have started a process of pursuing a building for YWAM in the city. After renting for more than twenty years and after many years of praying, we believe the timing is right to acquire a permanent place in Constanta. This newsletter will tell you all about it. Enjoy!
O.. and merry Christmas and a blessed new year! 😉
The YWAM Constanta Leadership

New Chapter

Here at YWAM Constanta, we are all about this one word: ‘GO!’

Trusting and training young people
To live out their passion and calling
In Jesus’ name.

We are a community that believes in young people and that is willing to provide a platform for them to be obedient to what God is calling them to do. As YWAM Constanta, we want to welcome them, trust them and train them. It is our dream to train more people, and to see more ministries started in this city and in the Balkan region. But if we want to welcome young people to be trained, we need the space to host them. And if we want to be a community that trusts young people, we need to provide a place for community to exist. And If we encourage young people to go after their passion and calling, we need to offer them the ministry space they need to do so. Since the beginning of YWAM Constanta, more than twenty years ago, we have been renting housing for ministries, YWAM schools, office space, community gatherings and accommodation for staff, students, teams and volunteers. The property we are currently renting consists of 4 bedrooms and has limited space for the community and ministries. 

For many years we have been praying and seeking God for a permanent place for YWAM in Constanta. And we believe that now is the time! Now is the time to acquire a property for YWAM in our city; a property that will function as a dwelling place for the Lord and a strategic tool to see his Kingdom furthered in Constant and in the region.

Over the past few months we have looked at over 20 different buildings and have narrowed it down to 3 or 4 options that would fit our needs. Each of these buildings will cost us roughly €750,000 to buy and another €50,000 to €100,000 to renovate. As a result of what we have been hearing God say, 10 percent of every incoming donation will be tithed to another building project within YWAM.

We are excited to step into this faith journey with God. And we love the idea that we are not alone, but that we can share this journey with others.
So here is our invitation to you: would you pray and ask God whether to step into this adventure with us? Would you consider investing your finances and heart into the vision God has given YWAM Constanta? We would love that! The details as to how to give can be found below.

Ways to give donation towards the building:
(When you make a donation toward the building, please make a specifying note.)

Support us in prayer:
Join the prayer network on our Facebook Prayer Group.

This year started out with a lot of disappointments for the DTS, but by the end, it turned out to be amazing. This has nothing to do with what we as a staff did, but time and time again God reminds us that he is in control of all situations, we only need to be in a place of dependence on Him.

It was also a humbling experience for us as staff, as we can easily get caught up in the desire for a lot of students. God once again humbled us, showing that it is not always about numbers. More important is what the students learned and experienced, and where God is calling them to be.

Stories from our students

I arrived in Constanta during an interesting season. When the DTS began I was hungry to learn more about the Word and walking with God, but it seemed like every time I tried to build my faith, I ended up feeling more confused. The first week of teaching, Hearing the Voice of God, introduced me to the Holy Spirit. Before the DTS I hadn’t engaged much with the Spirit, and when I did it felt awkward or uncertain. God taught me that building my faith is not something I can ever do in my own strength, but thankfully He gave us the Holy Spirit. I’m still learning each day, but now there’s no confusion or worry as I explore and discern the character of God and how to engage with Him. Sarah
Coming to YWAM Constanta felt like coming home to me. The people here are genuine and I instantly felt like family when I walked through the door. During the DTS, I grew many relationships in a Christ-centered community. I met people from around the world! The local ministry opportunities here are amazing! Evangelizing late summer nights in the party scene or super early mornings on the beach was one of my favorites during the Summer Nightlife season. Constanta is a beautiful city full of life. Whether you’re walking on the beach or exploring the Old City, Constanta has many opportunities for fun! 
~ Kristina
One evening, we asked God to speak to us if there was something or someone specific to pray for. I felt that I couldn’t focus. Rebeca, one of the school staff, said let’s sit at a table and pray. While we were sitting there, a guy came towards us. I didn’t feel at peace, but I said nothing. Afterwards we met with the whole team and I shared my thoughts with them. I shared how I felt uncomfortable when the man approached. Leah, another school staff, encouraged me to go talk with him. Initially I refused because I didn’t know how to approach him. The girls prayed for me and God spoke to me clearly to buy a bottle of water and go to him and say that God loves him! So, I did. He admitted that life was hard for him, that day in particular. After talking a few minutes with him I asked if I could pray for him. He said yes. After we prayed, he was surprised and happy! ~ Elena
YWAM Constanta DTS 2020
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