October 30, 2013

Heart Attack at 67 Led to Diet Changes …
Now Off Multiple Meds and Feeling Better Each Day!

By Patrick Greenaway

In 2008, at 67, I had a heart attack and two stents were inserted.

Although I appeared in good health, fit, and not overweight, in hindsight I’m not surprised by the heart attack. My uncle and a nephew died from heart disease in their 40s; my younger brother died suddenly in his late 50s; and my youngest brother recently had a heart attack with six bypasses, which resulted in congestive heart failure, poor kidney function, and insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes. Read the full testimonial here.

Pumpkin Bean Bars

By Lindsay S. Nixon   
A wonderful pumpkin bar made with beans and other wholesome ingredients. View the recipe here.

White Bean and Vegetable Soup

By Heather McDougall   

This is another great meal because if I don’t have one ingredient, I know there’s an easy substitute in my fridge. This soup has changed over the years. View the recipe here.

Report: Feeding Antibiotics To Livestock
Is Bad for Humans, But Congress Won’t Stop It

Efforts to to reduce antibiotics in livestock feed are being blocked by lobbyists, according to a just-released report. The practice is contributing to bacteria resistance, which health officials warn can make routine infections deadly. Click here to read the article in The Washington Post.

Monkey Bar Gym Members
Power Up on Plant-Based Foods

We found this up on the wall at the Monkey Bar Gym in Staten Island, NY, where members are encouraged to work hard at functional fitness and consume plant-based foods. What plant-based dishes have you had recently? Click here to join the conversation on Facebook

Darshana Thacker and the Esselstyns
Discuss Healthy Cooking

Pictured above, FOK contributor Darshana Thacker shares cooking techniques with Ann and Jane Esselstyn in Cleveland, OH. The three met last week, and we hear they are all working on recipes for new projects. Stay tuned for more!

Indian-Themed Lunch

India, like so many other countries around the world, has an abundance of traditional, plant-based dishes. This tasty, homemade lunch was made oil- and dairy-free, and included the dishes gobi mattar (green peas and cauliflower), black dal (lentils), aloo paratha (whole-grain bread stuffed with potato), and brown rice. What plant-based dishes did you have this week? Click here to join the conversation on Facebook.

Simple Salad

This week we were on the road in Cincinnati. Sometimes a simple salad just hits the spot. Pictured above is a salad with garbanzo beans, corn, peas, carrots, mixed greens and an oil-free blueberry vinaigrette dressing.
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