June 26, 2013

Study Shows 70 Percent of Americans
Take Prescription Drugs

According to Mayo Clinic researchers, 70% of Americans are on prescription drugs, while 20% are taking five or more medications. Click here to read the article from CBS News.

Black-Eyed Peas

By Victoria Fiore

This recipe will convince you that healthy does taste better! View the recipe here.

At Taco Bell, It's Not 'Meat,' It's 'Protein'

Taco Bell researchers found that the word "meat" now carries a very negative burden, so the company will test selling its meat-heavy foods under a newly-termed "power protein" menu. Click here to read the article from Bloomberg Businessweek.

Foods to Avoid

One of Dr. Terry Mason's popular quotes from Forks Over Knives. Click here to share Dr. Mason's message on Facebook.

Do You Live in a ‘Fit’ City?

Does your town have plenty of parks, farmers' markets, and bike paths? See where it ranks for being ‘fitness-minded’ in a new report on 50 U.S. metro areas. Click here to read the article.
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