January 9, 2014

Quick and Easy Thai Vegetable Stew

By Del Sroufe
This delicious stew is a perfect dinner to serve to last-minute guests, but don’t only save it for them—this will hit the spot anytime you’re in the mood for Thai. The stew tastes great served over brown rice. View the recipe here.

Running for “Health” Wasn’t Enough ...
Eating Plants Made All the Difference!

By Alina Zavatsky
I immigrated to the United States seven years ago from Russia. Right away the pleasures of American cuisine turned out to be irresistible to me. Going out to eat two to three times a week with my new American friends? Sure! Read the full testimonial here.

Engine 2 Retreats Kick-Off in Phoenix on February 28
$100 Discount Offered on Phoenix + Other Retreats

For the new year, learn how to master the plant-strong lifestyle at the 2014 debut Engine 2 Retreat in sunny Phoenix, Arizona from February 28 - March 2. At the retreat, we will cover a wide range of topics about the plant-based lifestyle to help you succeed long term – and we will be sure to have fun along the way!

For a limited time, the registration price has been reduced by $100 per person for the Phoenix event, as well as the events in Portland (Oregon) and Chicago. The discount is available until January 15th.

Click here for more info and to sign up now!

Vitamins vs. Whole Foods

Colin Campbell discusses the issue of vitamins in an interview with Kathy Freston. Click here to read on Huffpost Healthy Living.

BBQ Beans & Greens

By Katie Mae
If you miss the tangy, sweet flavor of BBQ sauce, but not all the salt and sugar, you will love this recipe. It’s easy to make and uses pineapple as its secret ingredient. View the recipe here.

Debate: Don't Eat Anything with a Face

Neal Barnard, M.D. and Gene Baur (both featured in Forks Over Knives) teamed up last month to debate the motion “Don't Eat Anything with a Face.” The carefully-moderated debate took place before a live studio audience, which voted for a winner. Click here to watch the debate.

The F.D.A.’s Not-Really-Such-Good-News

New York Times columnist Mark Bittman calls for more stringent regulation on the use of antibiotics on factory farms, which scientists say is contributing to an increase of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Such bacteria present a potentially serious health issue for humans. Click here to read the article in the New York Times.

Potato Masala

Potato masala made for us in Mumbai ... potato slices mixed with chili powder and chili flakes, turmeric, garlic paste, coriander powder, and a touch of salt. Cooked in an air fryer (no oil).


Sapodilla is a delightful fruit that can be found in tropical regions. The fruit goes by many different names depending on what part of the world you're in. Have you ever eaten a sapodilla? Join the conversation on Facebook.
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