August 7, 2013

Cristian Echeverria

"I watched the Forks Over Knives documentary during October of 2011. I no longer take medication for my depression. I went from a size 58 pants to 32. I weighed 365 pounds last October, and now I weigh 198!! I feel amazing! Thank you so much for the knowledge I have gained and for guiding me to success!"

Red Lentil Chili

By Chef AJ

This is my family’s all time favorite chili! Red lentils cook very quickly and are not only pretty but creamy and delicious. We love to serve this over a baked Yukon Gold Potato. View the recipe here.

Bizzaro Comic

When the Impossible Is No More

Recently featured on the ESPN website is the story of Adam Scully-Power, who was recently an out-of-shape, 39-year-old working dad. Scully-Power then watched Forks Over Knives, changed his diet this past November, and began a fitness regimen. He is the first person to run the 163-mile Pan-Mass Cycling Challenge. Click here to read more on UPDATE: Since the article was published, Scully-Power completed the course in 41 hours and 33 minutes!

Can We See Our Hypocrisy to Animals?

In recent years, it seems more and more people are becoming concerned about the intense depravity involved in animal agriculture. In The New York Times on July 27, Nicholas Kristof wrote about our country's sentiments toward animals and how it is beginning to change. He questioned, "Some day, will our descendants be mystified by how good and decent people in the early 21st century — that’s us — could have been so oblivious to the unethical treatment of animals?" Click here to read Mr. Kristof's column.

Running on Plants: Lean, Energized, and Injury-Free

By Brandon Frye  

During the summer of 2011, I became very serious about working out and staying in shape. I spent countless hours at the gym, and even more time hitting the pavement in an attempt to burn off excess fat. From what I knew, the calories in fat and carbs/sugar were all bad, and the culprit to blame for my extra padding. But it seemed that the more I worked out, the more I ate. And the more I ate, the more weight I gained. Read the full testimonial here.

Heart Disease Starts in Childhood

The age at which there is evidence of hardened arteries may surprise you. Click here to watch this 6-minute video from

Facebook Milestone

On August 3, our Facebook community reached 400,000 strong! We are feeling proud and thankful!

Passion Fruit and Mango

We have a lot of passion for passion fruit and mango! What fruits have you enjoyed this past week? Join the conversation on Facebook
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