Martin and Petro Newsletter - January 2016
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In this newsletter:

1. Family matters
2. Turkish ministry
3. The Jungle
4. Partnership
5. Prayer and thanks

Birthday boy: Martin is celebrating his last year in the 40's on the 4th of February.
Thanks to the City Bible Project  in Holland we got 1400 New Testaments in Turkish and French.
Supper with Peter and Els from the City Bible Project in Holland
More than 80 Turks from different cities in France came to Paris to celebrate Christmas
Always  good to share a meal...
Sophia sharing the gospel with refugees from Eritrea in "The Jungle"
Itinerary for January 2016

10 Jan - Ministry in Nancy
17 Jan - Ministry in Soissons
18 - 26 Jan - Go Conference Mosbach GER.
(We will meet some new recruits who will join OM France and Martin will share at  several sessions during the conference.)
Christmas in Paris...we missed our boys
Transport the Dutch way in The Hague
Relax... they belong to our  Turkish neighbour next-door.
Our cities of ministry in France
Preparing something for New Years eve with the Brink girls..
Hi there dear partners.

For us, the New Year brings with it new inspiration, energy and lots of hope. But before we start with the New Year let us look back at the last few events here in France.

1. Family matters
As a family we are doing great. Samuel did exceptionally well at school and we are proud to announce that he is part of the top four students in his class. Benjamin finished his second year at the Pretoria Technical University and he has another two years left before he finishes with his B Tech degree. Martin jr   has an exciting year ahead of him with his upcoming wedding in April.

At the end of December we had the opportunity to go to the Netherlands to visit some friends. Peter and Els from the City Bible Project provided us with around 1 400 New Testaments for our distribution work here in Paris. After this we spent New Year’s Eve with our good South African friends, Gerrit and Sonja in The Hague. We were blessed with sunny weather and it was good just to relax and have some fun as two families. We really miss our sons Martin jr and Benjamin this time of the year. It is never easy to celebrate Christmas and New Year without our boys. It is part of the sacrifice of working in a foreign country.

2. Turkish ministry
We are grateful for the blessing we experienced on the 26th of December. Our Christmas celebration was a great success with around 80 Turks from different cities in France that came to attend the celebration. It was a time of fellowship and encouragement for everyone. Our local Turks from the church here in Paris were wonderful hosts with every one doing their share in the preparation and the clean-up afterwards.
We continue with our “Skypel” program, which involves discipling two Turkish Christian families through weekly skype contact and monthly in-person follow ups.  These families live in the city of Nancy, four hours to the east from us. 

3. The Jungle
Before Christmas a small OM team  with some of our Turkish brothers, took a three hour trip to the Northern city of Calais.  Here in a camp known as “The Jungle” there are 6 500 refugees living in horrible conditions as they wait for an opportunity to slip into the UK. Yusuf and Simon from our Turkish church can speak Turkish, French, German and Arabic and we had a great time to reach out and openly share the gospel of Jesus with many Turkish and Arabic-speaking refugees in this camp.  Throughout the day we were often surrounded by small groups of refugees eagerly listening to the salvation story and wanting prayer. We definitely will go back for another visit.

4. Partnership
We want to thank you for your faithful support during 2015. It was a great blessing to have you onboard. We invite you to watch this short video. 
As some of you might know the South African financial markets had some very challenging times in December. Unfortunately due to some unwise decisions that the government took we had three finance ministers in a matter of 4 days. These events caused great instability in the South African economy, and sent our local currency into a free fall right before Christmas. 

The  result of this was that the local South African currency lost around 25% of its value in 2015. This puts the finances of missionaries from South Africa under a lot of pressure.  Please allow us to take a moment to honour you as our partners that have been so faithful in your financial support throughout 2015.  However, there is something more that you can do.

We would like to invite you to pray for financial stability, so that we can continue with the work but we also would like to invite you to share this ministry with other potential partners. If you are someone who receives our regular newsletters but you are not a financial partner yet, we want to invite you to prayerfully consider financial partnership with us for this ministry among the Muslim Turks in France.

Welcome to those financial partners who just came on board. We trust that you will receive 100 times more as you sow into this ministry. We have financial partners from different parts of the world and it does not matter where you are, we have different ways for you to give towards the ministry here in France. For more information visit our website or use the information at the bottom of our newsletter. We would like to hear from you as the Lord leads you.

5. Prayer and thanks 
Thank the Lord with us for the following:
1.    The improvement of my father’s health.
2.    The success of the 26 December Christmas meeting.
3.    Our new team mate Jale who joined the team last week.
4.    The 1 400 New Testaments that we received from the City Bible Project.
5.    A time of refreshing with good friends in The Netherlands.
6.    God’s provision towards the ministry throughout 2015.

Please pray for the following:
1.    Our upcoming trips.  Check out the box on the left to see our itinerary for January.
2.    The different Turkish Christian groups spread out over France, see map. 
3.    More open doors and good conversations as we do our weekly Bible distribution in our region.
4.    Fruit on the hundreds of Bibles that are distributed every week.
5.    The new Bible study Al Massira course that we will start on Monday evenings with young French speaking Turks.
6.    We applied for a new passport for Samuel. We need prayer that it will be ready before we plan to go to South Africa the 15th of April for Martin jr’s wedding.

Thank you once again for your partnership. We appreciate you as you stand with is.
Many blessings in Jesus Christ 
Martin and Petro
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