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January 15, 2020 - Issue 20
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Transitioning to the Middle School is an informative event that will have a panel of Middle School administrators, teachers, and students discussing in detail the structure, environment, and discipline policy. They will be highlighting the departmentalized curriculum, how the Middle School provides students with increased independence, organization, executive functioning skills, and social-emotional development. Middle School students will give tours and showcase how the school prepares students to excel in high school.

Where: NCA Middle School (7318 N Oakley)- Colletti Hall

When: Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 6:30-8 PM
School News & Reminders

Invest in Kids Act Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship (TCS) update for 2020-2021

Key items to note:

  • Empower Illinois SGO application process begins January 15, 2020, Reservations Open at 6:30 PM Click to Submit at 7:00 PM.
  • The Empower Illinois application process will again be a two-step process.
  • NCA will have a Google Chromebook lab open for applicants to apply for the Empower IL Tax Credit Scholarship on January 15, 2020, at the Middle School Campus in Colletti Hall and we will have staff present to assist with the application process. You must arrive at 6:20 PM to prepare to submit an application properly. Preschool students can not receive the Empower IL Tax Credit Scholarship, only kindergarten through 8th-grade students.
  • If you received TCS funding for 2019-2020, you must reapply for 2020-2021. The applications remain on a first come first serve basis. NCA families need to have their tax information together before the application dates.

Catholic Schools Week: We're looking for families who will speak at one Mass at each parish on Sunday, Jan 26. You will receive service hours for speaking at the Mass. If you are available, please contact Shakira at 

Service Hours: Remember that every family must complete 20 hours of service every year! All volunteer opportunities are posted on SchoolSpeak. Look often as new opportunities are added all the time! There are opportunities now listed that do NOT require VIRTUS training! All Service hours must be recorded in SchoolSpeak. Please see the quick link on the left side of the website. There are postings for Primary School recess volunteers on SchoolSpeak. 

NCA Calendars: We have NCA 2019-2020 Family Calendars for sale at both campuses. They are $15 and showcase all of the artwork that was sold at the Soiree. The calendars make great gifts, and they have all the relevant school dates and run August - August.  Proceeds go to NCA's arts program. Be sure to stop by the main office and purchase one!

Please see order form attached.

Queen of Heart: Queen of Hearts keeps on rolling along!! The Pot will be over $32,250 by Saturday. Come out and join us for a drawing on Saturdays at 6:30. It is a lot of fun!! Otherwise, you can buy your ticket at the school offices, The Double Bubble, Edge of Sweetness and The Sovereign. Remember you have to play to win!!


Important Dates:

January 15: Google Chrome lab open for applicants to apply for the Empower IL Tax Credit Scholarship at the Middle School Campus in the Colletti Hall at 6:15 PM
January 15: School Board Meeting—Primary School lunchroom @ 6:30 PM
January 20: Martin Luther King Day—No School

January 21: Transitioning to the Middle School- Middle School Campus 6:30 PM- 8 PM

January 26: Catholic Schools Week Begins
Primary School Open House & Art Show 11 AM- 1 PM 
Middle School Open House Art & Music Show 12 PM- 2 PM
February 5: Professional Development Early Release:
Middle School 1:50 Dismissal
Primary School 2:10 Dismissal
ECP available at both campuses

February 7: Elmo Meet & Greet- Preschool & Junior Kindergarten Open House at the Primary Campus from 9 AM- 10:30 AM

February 7: NCAPO Meeting—Primary School lunchroom @ 8:15 AM

February 14: Valentine’s Day—Red, White, Pink Dress Down Day
Valentine’s Day Classroom Celebrations
February 17: President’s Day—No School

February 22: NCA Soiree at Ravenswood Event Center

February 26: Ash Wednesday



Join us for games and family fun! You will have the chance to win great prizes including splitting the big money pot! Forget about making dinner and bring the FAMILY (and some ca$h!) for pizza, hotdogs, chips, and a bake sale. All funds will go to support the NCA 8th grade class trip to Indianapolis.

When: January 25th, from 6 pm-10 pm 

Where: St. Margaret Mary Activity Center, 7341 N Claremont Ave, Chicago, IL 60645


*No child is allowed to be dropped off. A parent or guardian must accompany all children. 


NCA Soirée tickets are now on sale just in time to invite family and friends over the holidays! February 22, 2020 will be a spectacular evening you won't want to miss.


⛸️ Save the date for MLK Skate Day, Monday, 1/20, 9:00 am-11:30 am. Join us for a morning of ice skating compliments of the NCAPO at Warren Park! This is a free event and ice skates will be provided! Children must be accompanied by an adult. Hot chocolate and baked goods will be provided. Volunteers are needed to bring baked goods, sign up on School Speak.
We have a new Parish Outreach/Fundraising initiative this year and was hoping you could help!

Angels Among Us is a campaign focused on helping the Guardian Angels Scholarship fund. The students assembled a board that has envelopes pinned, ranging from $1 to $195. Each envelope represents the dollar amount for that donation and offers levels for everyone to contribute. When the board finishes all the envelopes, we will net just short of $20,000 for the school. This provides the needed funds for our mission and offers every parish the opportunity to contribute to the 2020 Soiree.

Here is where we need some help.

We will have the Angels Among Us Board at each mass at St. Gregory this weekend (sorry for the short notice, but we had a last-minute reschedule). I need a family (students in uniform) to help staff the board and take donations. Secondly, we have found success in having the students read a short message during the announcements to draw more people over to the board. This step is not necessary, but if you can, that would be great.

The 4:30 pm Mass on Saturday and the 10:30 am Mass on Sunday is covered. I need a family to cover the 8:30a. More detailed instructions will follow.

Please email Leigh at if you can help. It would be much appreciated!

We were honored to have Mayor Lori Lightfoot at the end of the 6th-grade boys' game and the 6th-grade girls' game against Frances Xavier Warde. They played on Saturday and she was more than gracious with time. The games were some of the best our Wildcats have played and with the boys being undefeated it was a great day!


NCA Wildcat Athletics  

If you have any questions about our NCA Wildcat Athletics, please contact either our AD Dave Scholtes ( or Assistant AD Seamus McGowan (


NCA Basketball Update Jan 7th-12tg 🐾🏀 


—Enjoy the recaps, LU’s Sister Jean, and Mascots 


The 5th-grade girls' white team won both games on Saturday. Our other 5th-grade girls team (blue) had a challenging weekend losing both games.  


Our 5th-grade girls' teams were honored guests of Loyola U men’s team and played  various area mascots during the halftime of the game 


The 8th-grade boys Lakefront defeated OLMCA on Tuesday 43-33.  Sam Berlinghof, Fred Krug, and Martin Krug deserve Players of the Game for there points off the press.  Thursday, NCA 8th boys fell short to St. Ben’s 54-53 is probably the most competitive game of the season.   Max Heidkamp had a double-double with his season-high 17 points and numerous rebounds. 


The 8th-grade girls had a busy week. On Tuesday they took on a tough Queen of Angel's team and lost a close game. These girls rebounded later in the week and beat St Matthias 43-23.  Solid effort offensively and defensively by Sydney Coomer. 


The 6th-grade girls split a double-header, barely losing to OSM Blue and then defeating FXW Green 15-14 in an incredibly close game.  


On Sunday action our 4th-grade boys played hard but lost to St Ben's.  

The 5th-grade boys' white team went on the road to defeat Old St. Mary (Blue) 22-14.  The Wildcats’ stout defense led to multiple offensive opportunities, as they went on a 6-0 run to finish the game 

Upcoming NCA Basketball Schedule 

JAN—14 (TUE) 

7B Sky vs. Hardey --5:30 PM – 6:30 PM (St. Gertrude Gym)  

8G Sky vs. AACA---6:30 PM – 7:30 PM (St. Gertrude Gym)  

8B Sky vs. Hardey---7:30 PM – 8:30 PM (St. Gertrude Gym)  


7G Sky vs. OSM 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM St Margaret Mary Activity Center 

8B Sky vs. AACA   6:30 PM – 7:30 PM St Margaret Mary Activity Center 

8G Sky vs. OSM  7:30 PM – 8:30 PM St Margaret Mary Activity Center,  


8B Sky vs. St. Josaphat 

8 PM – 9 PM (St. Josaphat School, 2245 N Southport Ave # 1, Chicago, IL 60614,  


4B vs. FXW Black 9 AM – 10 AM (St. Gertrude Gym)  

5G White vs. St. Josaphat Blue 9 AM – 10 AM (St. Josaphat School, 2245 N Southport Ave # 1, Chicago, IL 60614,  

5B Blue vs. St. Clement Gray 10 AM – 11 AM (St. Gertrude Gym)  

6G vs. St. Andrew Blue 10 AM – 11 AM (Saint Andrew School, 1710 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613 

5B White vs. St. Ben White 11 AM – 12 PM (St. Gertrude Gym)  

5G Blue vs. St. Andrew Blue 12 PM – 1 PM (St. Gertrude Gym)  

8B Lake vs. St. Andrew 12 PM – 1 PM (Saint Andrew School, 1710 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613 

6B vs. Hardey Black 1 PM – 2 PM (St. Gertrude Gym)  


8G Sky vs. St. Ben 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM (St. Benedict Prep Gym, 3941 N Bell Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 

7G Lake vs. St. Ben 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM St. Benedict Prep Gym, 3941 N Bell Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 

8B Lake vs. AACA 3 PM – 4 PM St. Alphonsus Academy & Center for the Arts, 1439 W Wellington Ave, Chicago, IL 60657 

7B Sky vs. St. Ben 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM St. Benedict Prep Gym, 3941 N Bell Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 

8G Sky vs. AACA  4 PM – 5 PM St. Alphonsus Academy & Center for the Arts, 1439 W Wellington Ave, Chicago, IL 60657 

7B Lake vs. St. Ben 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM St. Benedict Prep Gym, 3941 N Bell Ave, Chicago, IL 60618,  


8G Lake vs. St. Clement 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM (St. Gertrude Gym)  

7G Lake vs. St. Clement 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM (St. Gertrude Gym)  

7G Sky vs. St. Clement 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM (St. Gertrude Gym)  


💪Orangetheory Fitness has a fantastic Transformation Challenge going on from January 20th - March 15th! It is an eight-week challenge that includes three body scans in the beginning, middle, and after. It also includes tons of fun events that will be hosted during the challenge! The winners are determined by the greatest change in the percentage of body fat lost during the challenge. There will be one female and one male winner, which will be awarded $500 with a check! Registration for this challenge is $35, but we waive the fee if you join in January with a membership!

😊All heart monitor proceeds go to NCA for January. Free one day passes are available, stop by the main office at the primary or middle school campus starting tomorrow.

St. Gertrude Religious Ed Teacher Needed

Have you been thinking of a way to give back or make connections at St. Gertrude? Consider becoming a catechist! Catechists teach Religious Education classes, which at St. Gertrude are offered to children in grades 1-8. Classes are taught on 

Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:15 am. Other catechists teach brief lessons of faith based on the Sunday readings in our Kids Word program. This takes place during the 10:30 am Masses in Church and is for children in grades K-4.

The goal of catechists is to share their faith and the lessons of God and Jesus by creating age-appropriate lessons, teach the traditions of the church, and build community with the families of their students. Catechists are usually not professional teachers, just willing parents and parishioners who enjoy kids and want to help them grow in a personal relationship with God, participate in the sacraments, and develop a mature conscience and integrate faith in all areas of their lives.

Candidates must either be Virtus-certified or willing to take training that educates participants on the signs of child sexual abuse, the methods, and means by which offenders commit abuse, how to prevent it, and submit to a background check. 

Interested in Being Catholic?
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a process by which adults learn more about the Catholic Church. This free program begins on Sunday, September 8 after the 10:30 am Mass in the Ministry Center and meets until Pentecost.

Many people who begin RCIA are non-Catholics seeking to become Catholic or at least to explore whether Catholicism might be a good home. Those who complete the process and decide to become Catholic are initiated into the Church at the Easter Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday. Others who take RCIA are already Catholic but want a deeper understanding of their faith foundation.

The RCIA process does not ask those who have been baptized in another faith to give up their denominational experiences. Rather, the RCIA process seeks to add new colors and designs to their existing faith life tapestry. In addition to attending Mass, the RCIA process includes weekly gatherings of breaking open the Word of God, sharing our stories, and learning about our faith traditions.

For information about the RCIA process at St. Gertrude or to register for the program, contact Kevin Chears at or call the Rectory at 773.764.3621.
Volunteer Sign Up Directions
1. Go onto
2. Click on the Quick Link that says Volunteer
3. There you will see NCA’s volunteer opportunities.  All volunteer opportunities require Virtus Training unless otherwise noted.
4. Click on the sign up you want.  Find a spot to sign up!
5. Remember every Family needs 20 service hours!
Volunteer Requirements
1. Completion of form 7703
2. Completion of Online background screening (eApps database)
3. Completion of CANTS form (DCFS background screening – paper only – must be submitted annually)
4. Submission of a signed Code of Conduct form
5. Completion of the Virtus training (must pre-register online)
 All forms and other information regarding these requirements can be found on the NCA website under Volunteer. Thank you for working with us to ensure the safety of all children!

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