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April 22, 2020 - Issue 32
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Hello, NCA Families!

I am hopeful you all had a blessed Easter and were able to spend some relaxing time with your immediate stay-at-home family. I am hopeful that a few days away from screens and e-learning assisted with reducing some of the stress and anxiety we have all been experiencing during this pandemic crisis.

As we return to Week 5 of e-learning, I have asked the teachers to slowly reacquaint the students in getting back into the routine and expectations of NCA's e-learning experience. While providing content to students is essential and critical to finishing the school year, an even greater piece is making sure we are meeting students' social-emotional needs. I know many of our teachers are asking students to attend Zoom morning meetings or are having advisory team meetings. Please encourage your child to participate. We want to assist them through this e-learning process, but we need to also understand where they are and how they are feeling with all that is going on around them. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher, Ms. Schreiner, or administration if you need to discuss this aspect of your child's needs. All of us at NCA is committed to continuing to meet the needs of the whole child. This e-learning we are engaged in has not changed who we are as a school community.

Presently I am working on updating the FAQs I provided our NCA families before the Easter break. Due to Governor Pritzker's announcement last Friday, I know that has created a new set of questions within our school community. The Archdiocese has provided us with a few more pieces of information, and I have been able to talk further with faculty and staff in making some local decisions and how that affects our students and families. Please watch for a SchoolSpeak email from me by Friday.   

Be safe! Be joyful! Be engaged in all you do!


The planning for the 2020-2021 academic year is still moving forward at a rapid pace. We want to prepare for the reopening of NCA properly. We also desire to be intentional and consistent in working with need-based families for consideration of the Guardian Angel Scholarship Fund. If you did not receive or qualify for a tax credit scholarship or believe that paying tuition could be a challenge for your family due to additional financial burdens, then you must submit a FACTS form.

Necessary information for applying:
The link below will direct you to the site to start your application,

The online version allows all documents to be electronically uploaded directly into your application. The deadline for consideration of the Guardian Angel Fund is May 1, 2020. Once the applications have been submitted, the school administration will review the applications and make scholarship awards to the extent that funds are available. It is critical to get your COMPLETED application in on time, as the funding allocation is limited.

As the enrollment season continues to forge ahead and parents look to enroll their children at NCA for the 2020-2021 academic year, we want to remind all families that staying current with this year’s tuition payment is required to enroll for next school year and to avoid any withholding of report cards or possible exclusion from school.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Leigh Holzman at, as we are willing to work with our parents to ensure that NCA continues to offer the high-quality, value-driven education you expect.

Thank you for your cooperation.
NCA has been working on designing NCA's 2019-2020 Yearbook. It has been a tradition that our students, staff, and families always look forward to, even though we have spent our final three months of the school year "virtually," we thought our students would still enjoy having this wonderful memento of their school year. In the past, NCA has ordered a large number of yearbooks and it covered most of the cost of the printing and shipping. Families were then able to purchase the yearbooks at a very appealing and affordable price of $7.00.

However, due to our need to reduce costs at this time, we can no longer make a large purchase and cover a majority of the costs involved. This year we will offer our families the ability to order and prepay $15.99 for the yearbook. NCA will only order enough yearbooks to cover these preorders, and yearbooks will be distributed in June with the student report cards. As in the past, all our 8th-grade students will get a complimentary yearbook that is paid for by NCA. No need to order for the 8th-grade students. An order can be placed for students in PK-7 on SchoolSpeak today!!


Our School Counselor, Therese Schreiner, has been teaching and counseling students for 52 years, and she has learned a lot on her journey. She's here to share words of wisdom with our community. This week Mrs. Schreiner is talking to us about the importance of critical thinking skills!


Well, we are back into E-Learning, and I thought it might be a good time for us to reflect on how this learning has developed into a student’s “new way of learning” and a “new way of teaching,” both by teacher and parents. Years ago, when I worked in grade school and then in high school, I always took ten minutes out of class time for a counseling session, to have my students reflect either orally or in writing, on what they learned and whether it was relatively easy or had it been difficult and why so.

Perhaps, for just a few minutes, you could ask your child just that. “How has this E-Learning been for you?” Encourage the answer to include some examples if there is no reply, wait-don’t intervene right away. It takes time to form an answer.

What has this to do with critical thinking skills? In an article written in Michigan State University Extension, “Critical thinking requires us to take in information, analyze it, and make judgments about it. That type of active engagement demands imagination and inquisitiveness.” The natural curiosity of children forms the basis for this type of thinking.

There are different terms used when speaking about critical thinking skills. The following is a set of skills in a hierarchy, from low to high, that I use :
1. KNOWLEDGE-Identification and recall of information (define, label, name)
2. COMPREHENSION-Organization and selection of facts and ideas (describe, explain, interpret, rewrite)
3. APPLICATION-Use of facts, rules, and principles (apply, give an example, solve, illustrate)
4. ANALYSIS-Separating a whole into parts (analyze, contrast, diagram, classify)
5. SYNTHESIS- Combining ideas to form a new whole- (predict, invent, create)
6. EVALUATION-Developing opinions, judgments, or decisions (judge, appraise, plan)

As you can see, from the list above, our teachers, in every discipline, work day in and day out, from Pre-K through eighth grade, to teach, using many different strategies, these necessary life skills.

In her book, “Mind in the Making: The seven essential life skills every child needs,” author Ellen Galinsky explains how important it is to teach children these skills. Maybe you have already noticed your child using these different skills.

God bless you, and may you and your family remain healthy.

Therese Schreiner
School Counselor


FREE Facebook Live Virtual Cooking Classes: Available Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (with a pay-what-you-can option through PayPal)

Private Virtual Parties: This is a paid service where you can select a menu and invite guests through the zoom platform to cook a meal (virtually) together. My partner, Anastasia LaBorde, or I would host these events.

Meal Prep Kits and Tools: These are available for the virtual Friday Night Pizza Party experience, as well as an add-on for private virtual parties (curbside pickup only)

Trinity Irish Dancers has created an instructional, fun, 20 minute, Irish dance FREE lesson video for your younger students (up to 5th grade). They know parents everywhere are looking for ways to keep their children learning and moving at home during this time, so they thought this might help!

Let's all learn the Irish Jig as we dance together while staying safe at home!

Simply register at the FREE LESSON DOWNLOAD and the video will pop up as well as be emailed to you!
Our students are such e-learning rockstars! We can’t brag on them enough! We're so proud of them for triumphing through e-learning assignments week after week!
As part of our Earth Day celebrations, 3rd graders participated in a "Trash to Treasure" project. They used things that would normally be thrown away to create something else. Their projects could be useful or decorative. 
We’re so happy our students are staying active and being creative on Earth Day! Jonathon did a great job of making Earth Day cookies! Go, Jonathon!

Hey NCA Wildcat Nation!

NCA Athletics has a challenge for all our athletes. During our e-learning breaks, let us see your best trick shots/plays or unique workouts. Send a clip for the #WildcatsWinningTheDay challenge to Mr. McGowan at!

We can't wait to see your cool moves! Goooooo Wildcats!

Stay safe and healthy,

NCA Athletics

St. Gertrude's Church will now be streaming the 10:30 am Sunday service on their Facebook page. Please consider joining Fr. Rich Prendergast for virtual Mass on Sunday mornings.

The link to St. Gertrude's Facebook page is below.
Fr. Noel Reyes, Pastor of St. Jerome's Parish, has shared a link so families can join a virtual mass in English and Spanish on their YouTube channel or Facebook page. The links are listed below.

Facebook: StJerome Parish - (No period between StJerome)
YouTube: St. Jerome Parish

Beard & Belly and Honeypie are finally ready to serve you food!

All orders will be taken online for contactless payment, and you will pick up your orders through the Honeypie side of our establishment, at 6155 N Broadway. Just go to to place your order! Pre-orders accepted up to two days in advance!

The team at Rogers Park Business Alliance has compiled a master list of all the open businesses, including who's doing delivery/carryout, selling gift cards, or doing staff fundraisers. We hope this is helpful and encourages the continued support of local businesses as government mandates negatively impact them.

Please click the link below to view the master list.

Volunteer Sign Up Directions
1. Go onto
2. Click on the Quick Link that says Volunteer
3. There you will see NCA’s volunteer opportunities.  All volunteer opportunities require Virtus Training unless otherwise noted.
4. Click on the sign up you want.  Find a spot to sign up!
5. Remember every Family needs 20 service hours!
Volunteer Requirements
1. Completion of form 7703
2. Completion of Online background screening (eApps database)
3. Completion of CANTS form (DCFS background screening – paper only – must be submitted annually)
4. Submission of a signed Code of Conduct form
5. Completion of the Virtus training (must pre-register online)
 All forms and other information regarding these requirements can be found on the NCA website under Volunteer. Thank you for working with us to ensure the safety of all children!

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