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September 9, 2020 - Issue 3
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Hello NCA Parents.


Attached you will find a document that outlines NCA Remote Learning Plan for the 2020-2021 school year. The plan encompasses the remote learning that will take place for those students whose parents have elected that learning experience for Trimester 1 and when remote learning needs to take place due to a classroom quarantine, building quarantine, poor weather, or a district-wide shutdown. All parents should be familiar with the plan to assist and support any transitions that may be required.


Principal Huzenis

School News & Reminders

FSP Update: Please click the attachment to view the update from FSP regarding free lunches for all students.

NCA's 2020-2021 Family Handbook is now posted on SchoolSpeak and NCA's website. Parents should take some time to review this important document.

Paperwork Due: Please be sure to turn in your health/dental/vision forms as soon as possible.  You can call the office for more information or forms if needed. 

Photo/Academic Work Permission Forms: A hard copy of the Photo/Academic Work Permission Form was sent out in Wednesday's designated folders. We will also be sending out an electronic copy to e-learners. Please fill out and sign the form by Sept 10.

Service Hours:  All virtual volunteer opportunities will be posted on SchoolSpeak. Look out as various virtual service opportunities will be added throughout the year! Service opportunities will be different this year due to the guidelines. The full 20-hour commitment will not be required, BUT we still hope parents will sign-up and participate. 

Virtus Training: If you have a Virtus account but have not yet completed the Virtus course please contact Jen Reyes at If you need to complete the steps to volunteer please go to Schoolspeak Prepare to Volunteer tab.

Drop Off Procedure Reminder: Please review the drop off procedures for both campuses in the Family Handbook. Our procedures are in place to ensure the safety of all our students. Please remember the following:
  • Slow down when driving near both campuses. 
  • Do not park and get out of your vehicle in the drop off lane. 
  • We are not allowed to help students get out of the car, so if you are using the drop-off lane the child must be able to get out the car on their own.
  • Do not double park in any of the alleys or streets. At the Primary School Campus, do not double park on Glenwood. 
  • Cross the street at designated crosswalks only.
  • For the PC parking lot, enter on Glenwood and exit on the alley side.
  • Do not park down the center of the PC parking lot until all the spots are filled.

Powerschool Parent Portal: Now open for the 2020-2021 school year.  This is a portal where you can check your child's grade and progress throughout the school year. Parents in 3rd grade and any new families in grades 4-8 please check your family envelope for login information. 
NCA's Extended Care Program kicks off another great school year! The ECP is available only at the Primary School. It's offered in the mornings and after school. If you plan on using the ECP this school year you must register on SchoolSpeak. Please review the updated 2020-2021 ECP Handbook, before registering. For all participating families, please make sure you sign and return the Handbook Acknowledgement Form before attending your first day.
Important Dates:

September 10: Middle School Virtual Back-to-School Night
Thursday, September 10
5th & 6th Grade- 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
7th & 8th Grade- 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Parents will receive a Zoom invite to participate in this virtual event. In the case of any crossover of times due to multiple children, the events will be recorded and made available for parents to watch later.

September 16: School Photos &  Virtual BSJ Meeting 6:30 pm

September 17: Primary School Virtual Back-to-School Night
Thursday, September 17
Pre School & Jr. Kindergarten 6:30 pm
1st Grade- 6:55 pm
2nd Grade- 7:20 pm
3rd Grade- 7:45 pm
4th Grade- 8:10 pm

Parents will receive a Zoom invite from their child's homeroom teacher.

September 22: 8th Grade Parent Meeting - Class of 2020 Events - Virtual 

September 24: Kindergarten Virtual Back-to-School Night
Thursday, September 24 @ 6:30 pm

Parents will receive a Zoom invite from their kindergarten teacher 


Reporting an Absence

If you are not sending your child to school, please be sure to contact the main office of the campus your child attends school. You may call or email the office secretary and also alert your child's teacher. During this COVID time, you must provide us with the reason for your child's absence. 


If it is an illness and they are exhibiting any of the COVID symptoms, we want you to keep your child home while it's determined whether it is or is not COVID related. We are also telling families that any siblings of the sick child should be kept at home until it is determined whether it is a case of COVID. During this continued pandemic, all of us need to err on the side of caution. Everyone at NCA appreciates your cooperation on this important matter.  

Board of Specified Jurisdiction

We hope everyone's school year is off to a great start! NCA will hold its first board meeting next Wednesday, September 16, at 6:30 pm via Zoom. Hear updates from committees and the administration on the status of the school and what we're working on for the upcoming year. Please email Jackie Blake at to RSVP and receive the link to the meeting if you'd like to attend. 
Please click the link below to fill out and submit an order form.

Dear NCA Families,

Due to my present and projected health issues I feel that in fairness to everyone I will officially retire from the Extended Care Program. I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts. My 14 years of working at NCA have truly been a great experience.  It was a nice change of pace working with younger students after 31 years of teaching Middle School. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and hopefully, I will get a chance in the near future to come in thank everyone in person.

Here is hoping that everyone stays healthy and has a great year.

Sincerely yours,

Mark E. Coleman

Self-Care Awareness Month- Who cares about the parents? WE DO! 

Being a parent is a thankless and sometimes very stressful job. Being a parent during a Pandemic adds to the stress, creating many nerve-racking and overwhelming moments. As a parent, your focus is always on your family, and you might find it challenging to give that same attention to yourself.

A lack of self-care can create a downward spiral. When you are not caring for yourself, it's tougher to be an empathetic and patient parent. You matter, so it's essential to set aside a little bit of time for self-care, even when you feel like you don't have a single second to devote to yourself. 
September is Self-Care Awareness Month, and we want to encourage our parent community to take some time to participate in self-care activities every week this month. Below are this week's five self-care suggestions.


1. Carve out Time to Be Alone

Some parents find the only opportunity for solitude in the restroom. It's important to give yourself a few minutes of alone time aside from bathroom breaks. Even if it's just five minutes each day that you set aside to relax by yourself, a little solitude can help you unwind. Whether that means waiting until your child takes a nap or waiting until a friend or family member is watching your child, permit yourself to charge your batteries with a little alone time.


2. Engage Your Senses

It’s hard to be in the moment when life is busy. Engaging your senses is a good way to relax and find a sense of inner peace. Light a scented candle, take a hot bath, listen to soothing sounds, or drink some herbal tea. Engaging one or more of your senses can be a simple but effective way to take a time out from the hustle and bustle.


3. Spend a Little Money on Yourself

You might find it's easy to spend money on your kids while neglecting yourself a bit. However, it's essential to show your kids that you value yourself, too. Permit yourself to spend a little time and money on yourself.

Just buying yourself a new shirt or paying to get a haircut can make you feel good. You might set aside a little bit in the budget each month to spend on yourself, or perhaps you do something nice for yourself once in a while. Either way, it's okay to treat yourself sometimes.


4. Savor Something

If you feel like you're in a rush all the time, there's a good chance you don't ever really get to savor anything. Commit to savoring something and make it a daily habit. Whether you want to savor your first cup of coffee or you decide to savor those moments when you're snuggling with your child, practice being in the moment.


5.  Check the To-Do List

It may not seem like doing chores are good ways to take care of yourself.  However, checking something off your to-do list that has been bothering you can free up a lot of mental energy. Whether it's scheduling an appointment for yourself or finally cleaning that messy cabinet, consider doing something on your to-do list that will give you a sense of relief and a feeling of accomplishment.

You might decide to choose one task each day to tackle outside of your regular duties. You might find that getting things done, rather than letting those little things pile up, helps you maintain a sense of calm.

Our 1st-grade students practiced their math facts with Disney Math and reviewed their letter sounds with whiteboards.  Good job!
There's lots of fun-learning, merry movement, and meaningful play going on in Mrs. Deemant and Mrs. Kenny’s class this week!
Every morning Room 7 Kindergarteners come into class and complete their morning work as a way to start their day. They have been so focused and hardworking each day! Way to go CHAMPS!
Mrs. Jablonska’s class participated in a fun learning activity last week.  They created cool robots for their math activity.  Nice job!

Renew My Church: Discussions Continue 

St. Gertrude, St. Ignatius, and St. Jerome parishes are currently going through the Renew My Church process (more information and links can be found below in Parish Announcements). The parish teams are soliciting feedback regarding the various scenarios being considered. Anyone who would like to contribute feedback can do so by Monday, September 14, at the following link: 

Dear fellow St. Gertrude parishioners,

We are writing as members of the Renew My Church team. We have been working with our counterparts at St. Jerome and St. Ignatius to identify our strengths and challenges and to outline some scenarios by which we can ensure a vibrant and sustainable Catholic community for the northeast corner of Chicago for the foreseeable future. We encourage you to go to the St. Gertrude website where we have posted a wealth of material, including:

Now we need you.

Below, you will find a survey outlining the various scenario options. Basically, they come down to two issues: Will we combine into one or two parishes, and how will the worship spaces, the three church campuses, be used?  

This discernment process will be developed into a letter to the Archdiocese (to be delivered by the end of 2020), with the final decision made by Cardinal Cupich.

We hope that you will let us know your thoughts by completing the survey below digitally. Videos of both parish meetings are available on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel, and each of us is available for questions or concerns.

We request you provide your comments by September 14. Kindly evaluate the scenarios using the evaluation criteria established by the Archdiocese. Topics to consider include:
  • Spiritual and Ministerial needs of the new parish to be formed
  • Parishioner attendance and mass count
  • Pastoral manageability
  • [Future] Parish financial stability and facilities

May God grant each of us wisdom and the heart of Jesus in this process. James 1:2-8

NEW Parish Name

Holy Child Jesus has been chosen as the new parish name unifying St. Henry, Timothy, and Margaret Mary parishes. Father Phi of St. Henry's has been installed as Pastor. For more details, please review the church bulletin by clicking the link below.

Volunteer Sign Up Directions
1. Go onto
2. Click on the Quick Link that says Volunteer
3. There you will see NCA’s volunteer opportunities.  All volunteer opportunities require Virtus Training unless otherwise noted.
4. Click on the sign up you want.  Find a spot to sign up!
5. Remember every Family needs 20 service hours!
Volunteer Requirements
1. Completion of form 7703
2. Completion of Online background screening (eApps database)
3. Completion of CANTS form (DCFS background screening – paper only – must be submitted annually)
4. Submission of a signed Code of Conduct form
5. Completion of the Virtus training (must pre-register online)
 All forms and other information regarding these requirements can be found on the NCA website under Volunteer. Thank you for working with us to ensure the safety of all children!

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