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May 6, 2020 - Issue 34
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We need your feedback! How is your NCA remote learning experience?

Our goal is always to provide you with greater! So please take a moment to fill out our Remote Learning Parent Survey. Please click the link below and submit a separate survey for each child.

Given the remote learning considerations and demands for different grade levels, we must receive feedback focused on individual grade levels. Your feedback will assist our staff in making improvements and planning properly for the extended period of remote learning. Thank you!

NCA Remote Learning Parent Survey

Curbside Pick-Up Procedure for Student Belongings

Dear NCA Parents,
This week we have provided our teachers at the Primary School and Middle school with a staggered schedule to return to their classroom to pack up the students' belongings and materials. This Friday, parents will receive a schedule to come to their child's campus and retrieve their belongings via curbside pick up. NCA will provide a schedule based on the child's homeroom. If you have children in more than one homeroom, we will be able to provide you with the materials that belong to all of your children— so visitations are reduced. However, if they are at separate campuses, you will need to visit each campus.  
We appreciate your cooperation in following the schedule as closely as possible. We will have staff available to bring the boxes to your car. Our staff will be wearing masks and gloves. NCA requests that parents and children remain in the vehicle and that you wear a mask in the event you need to speak with us. 
Thank you again for all your understanding, patience, and flexibility over the past two months. You have all been so incredible!! We will get through this together!

During this very difficult time of uncertainty and survival, FSP and the Archdiocese of Chicago are happy to share information with families about opportunities to receive additional benefits. For families facing potential hardship due to job loss, feeding your school-age children has become a major concern. The new P-EBT benefit may suit you during this crisis.

Please click the link below for more details.
Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer, SNAP, and Other Food Benefit Opportunities for Families

The planning for the 2020-2021 academic year is still moving forward at a rapid pace. We want to prepare for the reopening of NCA properly. We also desire to be intentional and consistent in working with need-based families for consideration of the Guardian Angel Scholarship Fund. If you did not receive or qualify for a tax credit scholarship or believe that paying tuition could be a challenge for your family due to additional financial burdens, then you must submit a FACTS form.

Necessary information for applying:
The link below will direct you to the site to start your application,

The online version allows all documents to be electronically uploaded directly into your application. Once the applications have been submitted, the school administration will review the applications and make scholarship awards to the extent that funds are available. It is critical to get your COMPLETED application in on time, as the funding allocation is limited.

As the enrollment season continues to forge ahead and parents look to enroll their children at NCA for the 2020-2021 academic year, we want to remind all families that staying current with this year’s tuition payment is required to enroll for next school year and to avoid any withholding of report cards or possible exclusion from school.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Leigh Holzman at, as we are willing to work with our parents to ensure that NCA continues to offer the high-quality, value-driven education you expect.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Our School Counselor, Therese Schreiner, has been teaching and counseling students for 52 years, and she has learned a lot on her journey. Every week she shares words of wisdom with our community. This week Mrs. Schreiner is suggesting a fun Tree of Life project!


This week, I thought I would like to suggest a project that you and your child could work on together. Do this on a day when your child has completed an assignment or when he is in a mood for something else. The purpose of this project is to represent a visual evaluation of their strengths, the difficult tasks they have mastered, what things that have gotten in their way, and the people who have helped them during this new type of learning By taking time to do this, students will be able to see just what they have accomplished during these past two months and what needs to be done in the remaining weeks of E-learning. Parents will know the ability of their own child, but I highly recommend this for those in grades 3-8. Parents feel free to adapt this to your children in the lower grades, as well.


Have the child draw a picture of a tree, on a large sheet of blank paper. The tree should show its roots, its trunk, its branches some smooth, some snarled, and of course, the budding leaves. The specific illustrations of each part of the tree should be large enough to write on it the following:

*Roots-“Strengths I have used”

*Branches-“Difficult tasks I have mastered”

*Knots-“Things that got in my way, like impatience, temper, etc”

*Leaves-“All the people who helped me along the way”

On the blades of grass on which this tree grows, should be printed the “TO DO” assignments.

The Tree of Life can be colored or drawn with colored pencils and use a pen or pencil for printing.

Place it somewhere that can be seen daily by the child, such as a mirror or on the refrigerator or in another prominent place. This is the visual reminder students need to motivate them during these next few weeks.




Therese Schreiner

School Counselor

  • May 8– St. Margaret Mary with Fr. Tirso celebrating May Crowning Mass
  • May 15– St. Gregory with Fr. Paul celebrating mass
  • May 22– St. Jerome's with Fr. Reyes celebrating mass
  • May 29– St. Gertrude's with Fr. Rich celebrating mass
Please click the links below to review STAMP Newsletters:

Spanish (PreK-2nd)
Spanish (3rd-8th)
Physical Education

It's Teacher Appreciation Week, and we want to make sure every teacher feels celebrated. So, we've encouraged our students to participate in the suggested list of ideas. We're thankful for everyone who has joined in on the celebration and submitted pictures. We are blessed to have amazing, hard-working teachers, and we hope all our students take a moment to show gratitude and send love!

Please let us know; however, you choose to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, send an email to Shakira at We would love to post your kind and thoughtful gesture on our social media platforms in celebration of the week.

Flowers for your teacher!
Take a picture of flowers, or a photo of you holding flowers, or draw a picture of flowers and send it to your teacher.

Taco Tuesday!
TACO 'bout how awesome your teachers are. Send them an email with a special memory or act of kindness that helped you.

Write a rhyme for your teacher!
Write a poem that rhymes; it only takes a little time.

STAMP Teachers' Day!
Send a message, drawing, or photo to your STAMP and library teacher.

Describe your teacher using the letters in their name!
R- Radiant
S- Sweet
St. Gertrude's Church will now be streaming the 10:30 am Sunday service on their Facebook page. Please consider joining Fr. Rich Prendergast for virtual Mass on Sunday mornings.

The link to St. Gertrude's Facebook page is below.
Fr. Noel Reyes, Pastor of St. Jerome's Parish, has shared a link so families can join a virtual mass in English and Spanish on their YouTube channel or Facebook page. The links are listed below.

Facebook: StJerome Parish - (No period between StJerome)
YouTube: St. Jerome Parish

The team at Rogers Park Business Alliance has compiled a master list of all the open businesses, including who's doing delivery/carryout, selling gift cards, or doing staff fundraisers. We hope this is helpful and encourages the continued support of local businesses as government mandates negatively impact them.

Please click the link below to view the master list.

Volunteer Sign Up Directions
1. Go onto
2. Click on the Quick Link that says Volunteer
3. There you will see NCA’s volunteer opportunities.  All volunteer opportunities require Virtus Training unless otherwise noted.
4. Click on the sign up you want.  Find a spot to sign up!
5. Remember every Family needs 20 service hours!
Volunteer Requirements
1. Completion of form 7703
2. Completion of Online background screening (eApps database)
3. Completion of CANTS form (DCFS background screening – paper only – must be submitted annually)
4. Submission of a signed Code of Conduct form
5. Completion of the Virtus training (must pre-register online)
 All forms and other information regarding these requirements can be found on the NCA website under Volunteer. Thank you for working with us to ensure the safety of all children!

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