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Three Kings Biodynamic Preparation
The Three Kings Biodynamic Preparation

Please be aware - In light of the events in the world today, it is increasingly important that more and more people must consciously take up the use of the Three Kings Preparation and thereby express a willingness to work with the elemental kingdom, whether we have a direct awareness of them or not. Humanity has so frequently ignored and betrayed the elemental beings by our desecration of nature. The mere fact that these beings are invisible to the majority of human beings does not mean they do not exist, and the sooner we take some sort of positive action that provides a message to them that we wish to work with them, the sooner we can counter much of the chaos so apparent in the world. No other action on our part can send this message to the elemental kingdom quite as well as our use of the Three Kings Preparation. There is one quite fundamental warning that must be issued to, those who would take up the use of this preparation: under no circumstances should one use the Three Kings Preparation unless one has first used all nine of the biodynamic preparations on the area to -be treated. This is a necessity because ' the nine biodynamic preparations serve to balance as well as to ground and enhance the existing forces, thereby establishing a foundation for the elemental kingdom to build upon. Bear in mind that the biodynamic preparations need to be regarded as forces, not substances. To apply only the Three Kings Preparation is the equivalent of placing a fence around livestock, thereby, securing them from predators, but failing to ensure that the pasture or hay supply is adequate in the area where they are enclosed. That is why it is of utmost importance that one should make an additional commitment to continue to use, in a diligent manner, Steiner's nine basic biodynamic preparations on the area treated with the Three Kings Preparation. When using the Three Kings Preparation, you are in essence sending a message to the elemental kingdom that here within a "'magic circle", they will be provided a safe haven as well as the profound spiritual nourishment of the biodynamic preparations. However, failure to provide that nourishment both before and after using the Three King's Preparation is tantamount to another betrayal of the elemental world by humanity. We need not betray them again.

How to make and apply The Three Kings Preparation

December 31st - At New Year's Eve beginning at 11:30 p.m., using a porcelain mortar and pestle, grind together 0.175 ozs./5 gms. of Aurum metallicum D2, 0.175 ozs./5 gms. of Frankincense and 0.175 ozs./5 gms. of Myrrh gum resin for one hour. To this powder add 0.29 ozs./5 gms of rainwater and 0.29 ozs./5 gms. of vegetable glycerin and thoroughly mix for an additional five minutes. This emulsion can be used immediately after preparation, but it also remains effective for years if stored in an airtight, non-metallic container in a cool, dry and dark area.

January 6th Three Kings Day also known as Epiphany - Add approximately I teaspoon of the Three Kings Preparation (dissolve this in a small portion of 140' F water before adding to the larger quantity of water, otherwise it will remain a stiff paste) to approximately 2 gallons plus 2 cups of warm rainwater, or sun soaked pond water. Stir for one hour starting at 1:30 p.m. using a non-metallic container, with a wooden keg or bucket being the first choice as a stirring vessel. The method of stirring is the same as is used for the horn manure or horn silica preparations, that is, stir in the usual biodynamic fashion. It is particularly important in the case of the Three Kings Preparation that the person stirring be fully conscious of and focused on the purpose to be accomplished through use of this preparation.

After stirring, it is to be sprayed out in the etheric-cosmic inbreathing phase of the late afternoon around 4:00 p.m. The person spraying walks around the perimeter of the area to be protected and stops about every 55 yards (+/-) to spray once in the direction of the neighboring fields, that is, aim the spray away from the center of the property to be protected. It takes about 1/2 gallon (+/-) to cover 3,280 feet of boundary or the perimeter of 16 acres. (Please note: the perimeter of one acre is 835 feet +/-). In a certain sense, one is forming a magic circle of protection around a particular area.
Supply Information

The ingredients to make the Three Kings  and Harmonizing Preparation are available through JPI. The quantity supplied by JPI covers a large area! upwards of 90 contiguous acres of boundary. The cost is $20.00 plus shipping and handling. To order, call (276) 930-2463, fax: (276) 930-2475 or write: JPI, P. 0. Box 133, Woolwine, VA 24185. While four of the ingredients can be found from sources other than JPI, aurum D2 cannot generally be dispensed without a prescription, and is available only in small quantities through jPI. Please note that while frankincense and myrrh can be obtained through health food and herb shops, check with the supplier to ensure that these ingredients are irradiation free.
Thanks to Hugh Courtney for the above articles which appeared in his newsletter
Special thanks to Mark Moodie who translated Hugo Erbe’s  book
And to get myself into the mood for the Three Kings day and for the fun of it
Hugh Jackman in Sydney singing Three Kings

Happy Holidays
from Shabari Bird
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The Biodynamic

Harmonizing Preparation

This preparation is the second of the two recipes that
Hugo Erbe originated as Offerings for the Elemental World,
and should be seen as a companion spray to the Three Kings
Preparation (HE #8). Whereas the latter spray is described
as a “protection against the activities of opposing forces,”
the Harmonizing Preparation is intended to serve as “an
expression of gratitude to the elemental beings.” We would
observe the same caution with this spray as we have recommended
for the Three Kings Preparation. One should
not use this preparation in isolation without using the basic
nine biodynamic preparations given by Rudolf Steiner beforehand,
as well as committing oneself to continuing to
nourish the elemental beings through the use of BD #500
(horn manure) through BD #508 (Equisetum arvense) in a
consistent and diligent fashion.
The ingredients of the Harmonizing Preparation include:
egg whites, honey, cow’s milk, grape juice (red),
sunflower oil, cooking salt, and whole wheat. These various
biodynamic and organic ingredients are combined and
then subjected to a lengthy anaerobic fermentation.
The publication Hugo Erbe’s New Bio-Dynamic Preparations
describes the choice of ingredients of “typical human
food substances as offerings to the elemental beings.

It should be mentioned here that Hugo Erbe was an individual who
could hold direct and frequent conversation with the nature spirits.
The use of this preparation allows us to “offer thanks"
to the elemental world not only for their own sacrifice of
service, but at the same time we make it possible for the
higher elemental beings (the warmth, light and air beings)
and the lower elemental beings (the water and earth beings)
to work again harmoniously for the restoration of fertility
and within all the activities of the creatures of the earth.”
Hugo Erbe suggested that Michaelmas (September 29),
“would seem to be the most appropriate time” for applying the
Harmonizing Preparation. In order to allow greater flexibility
in scheduling the use of this preparation, we would
suggest that any time during the Michaelmas season would
be a good time to apply the Hugo Erbe #9, and we would
define that season as the period from the fall equinox to Advent.
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