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El Niño/La Niña Rhythm

The El Niño rhythm is based on the cycles of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto [the planets through which warmth ether enters the solar system]. When these planets come together or conjunct there is an increased likelihood of an El Niño event occurring. The more of them together in a group the stronger the El Niño event is likely to be.
The strongest El Niño event was about 1983 when Pluto, Neptune and Uranus were as close together as they get in this cycle, so when Saturn and Jupiter caught up to them there was a close group of five planets. Every two and-a-bit years Mars catches up with the slower moving planets. This was the strongest El Niño event in the life time of any-one alive today.
Uranus is now drawing away from Pluto and Neptune so the next conjunction in the forty year cycle that will occur in 2020 will be less strong than 1983.There will be a repeat in 2022 before we go back to a predominance of La Niña.
What is concerning many farmers today is the upcoming El Niño event next season [2014-2015]. This should be a weaker event and last approximately from October until March. These lesser events should occur again 2016-2017 as Mars closes on Saturn which will be starting to get within reasonably close proximity to Pluto.
So what can we do to manage such situations? One thing [over the long haul] is to plant trees and shrubs that are edible by the animals that we keep. Another is to build as much humus as is possible each year. By humus I mean organic matter that has been digested by soil organisms. A third is to modify stock numbers to meet the expected climatic conditions for our locations. A forth is to nurture and modify the [etheric] atmospheric conditions. The more people working in this manner the better it will work for all. Bear in mind that in the act of farming we are already modifying the natural environment to a greater or lesser degree, so why not take the next step and responsibly manage the atmosphere in our localities?
The biggest challenge for us is to find ourselves unexpectedly in a situation where we are unable to manage the environment around us. Understanding the organisational [etheric] processes at work in our landscapes and using the biodynamic preparations to enhance them can help you get to the next level of responsible management.
Peter Bacchus,
Coromandel N.Z. 

Peter Bacchus has years of biodynamic farming experience. Raised on a biodynamic dairy farm, he served apprenticeships on other dairy farms while growing up. He studied and worked on biodynamic farms and in a nutritional research laboratory in Switzerland, working with some of the most prominent biodynamic farming consultants and learning the sensitive crystallization and climbing chromatography research methods. Later he worked as a medicinal herb grower, developed a large-scale composting business, and converted a commercial glass house to the biodynamic method, which included successful control of whitefly and fungal problems. Bacchus consults widely and has held leadership positions in biodynamic farming organizations. He lives with his wife Gill near Palmerston North, on the north island of New Zealand. He is the author of the book Biodynamic Pasture Management. 

Heinz Gugger is one of Quantum Agriculture’s favourite Representatives.
Heinz has embraced the biological approach and has become an expert in our Quantum Agronomy, Radionic and Dowsing methods. He had not farmed prior to his current enterprise of persimmon growing and so had no pre-existing paradigms to shift. He attended the first Australian Quantum Agriculture Certification Course in Mossman, Queensland in 2010 and began applying the principles to his farm. Mary Valley Orchards has gone on to become a showpiece of biological orchard management and his farm won the Sunshine Coast Environmental Council award for sustainable agriculture.
Heinz and his wife Angela are originally from Switzerland. They moved from successful marketing careers in the US to Australia as a family inspired lifestyle change. Heinz has utilised his marketing skills to gain maximum benefit from his produce.
Heinz used total soil testing, Biodynamic Preparations, Quantum Agriculture Ecology Activator, and biological activation techniques to gradually reduce chemicals to the point that there are now minimal fungicides, pesticides or herbicides used on the farm. Miniature cattle, geese and chickens are used to control the inter row and Quantum Agriculture techniques are utilised, along with foliar nutrition, to help manage pests.
Heinz has become a regular presenter at Quantum Agriculture Advanced courses in Australia. Heinz is quite expert in Agronomy using Hugh Lovel’s Biochemical Sequence model and Hugh’s QA Soil Analysis chart to support his farming clients in choosing the best program for their biological farming needs. Heinz also installs Field Broadcasters and performs a complete Bioassay using his dowsing skills. Heinz then uses his radionic equipment to prepare the reagents indicated by the Bioassay.
Quantum Dowsing and Estate Clearing
 Most people think of dowsing, or divining, as a process of using a forked tree branch to find a place to drill for a well. Yes, we will find wells as well, but this process is about detecting subtle energies that are everywhere within and around us. Depending on the strength of the detrimental energies we use different methods to change and neutralize these energies using Radionics, Feng Shui, Symbols, Fragrances, Earth acupuncture and lots more. Often the detrimental energies can be shifted using a pendulum with a blessing intent.
Having your space cleared is important not only in the home but  is equally important in places where a lot of people come together like Doctor’s office, Retail businesses, Real estates, Schools, Offices, Restaurants, Hospitals, Motels, Gyms, ….anywhere!
Heinz will visit you and your home / business, no matter how small or large the house, farm or property. This can also be done remotely.
You will receive a full assessment and he will work with you to change all energies to be beneficial. The entire process may take little more than an hour and includes a free follow up. Cost $ 85.00. Travel charges apply over 50km.
Heinz Gugger
255 Amamoor Creek Road
Amamoor QLD 4570
Tel. + 61 7 5488 4315
Fax + 61 7 5488 4316
Email: Heinzguggerdowsing@       
The world’s most widely used insecticides have contaminated the environment across the planet so pervasively that global food production is at risk, according to a comprehensive scientific assessment of the chemicals’ impacts.
The researchers compare their impact with that reported in Silent Spring, the landmark 1962 book by Rachel Carson that revealed the decimation of birds and insects by the blanket use of DDT and other pesticides and led to the modern environmental movement.
Billions of dollars’ worth of the potent and long-lasting neurotoxins are sold every year but regulations have failed to prevent the poisoning of almost all habitats, the international team of scientists concluded in the most detailed study yet. As a result, they say, creatures essential to global food production – from bees to earthworms – are likely to be suffering grave harm and the chemicals must be phased out.
The new assessment analysed the risks associated with neonicotinoids, a class of insecticides on which farmers spend $2.6bn (£1.53bn) a year. Neonicotinoids are applied routinely rather than in response to pest attacks but the scientists highlight the “striking” lack of evidence that this leads to increased crop yields.
“The evidence is very clear. We are witnessing a threat to the productivity of our natural and farmed environment equivalent to that posed by organophosphates or DDT,” 
“If all our soils are toxic, that should really worry us, as soil is crucial to food production."
The assessment, published on Tuesday, cites the chemicals as a key factor in the decline of bees, alongside the loss of flower-rich habitats meadows and disease. The insecticides harm bees’ ability to navigateand learn, damage their immune systems and cut colony growth. In worms, which provide a critical role in aerating soil, exposure to the chemicals affects their ability to tunnel.
Dragonflies, which eat mosquitoes, and other creatures that live in water are also suffering, with some studies showing that ditchwater has become so contaminated it could be used directly as a lice-control pesticide.
The report warned that loss of insects may be linked to major declines in the birds that feed on them, though it also notes that eating just a few insecticide-treated seeds would kill birds directly.
One of the last living male dusky seaside sparrows is seen in this 1981 file photo while in captivity at Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Florida. DDT pesticide spraying since the 1940s contributed to the extinction of this species. Photograph: Nathan Benn/Corbis
“Overall, a compelling body of evidence has accumulated that clearly demonstrates that the wide-scale use of these persistent, water-soluble chemicals is having widespread, chronic impacts upon global biodiversity and is likely to be having major negative effects on ecosystem services such as pollination that are vital to food security,” the study concluded.


Helix tosta – Slugs and Snails Gone for Up to Four Months
Snails and slugs are probably the most widespread of garden pests. Gardeners try to control them with everything from geese, salt, vinegar and beer traps to commercial baits or pellets. None of these methods provide a long-term solution, and the poisons within some baits and pellets introduce toxins into the environment that are dangerous to children and animals as well as the birds and lizards that eat the baited snails.
In contrast, Helix tosta, the homeopathic remedy made from toasted snail shell (of all things!) works quickly and safely. It’s simple to apply, long-lasting, and creates a stronger and healthier plant. Protection that last up to 4 months is in place from just one dose, even during the heaviest of downpours – and it is toxin free. 

Bombyx processiona – Caterpillars Crawl Away
Bombyx processiona is a remedy prepared from the Procession Caterpillar.This remedy deters most types of caterpillar infestations on the farm or in the garden.
Procession Caterpillars live in colonies at the base of trees. During the day they climb the tree to eat its foliage. Once it has been stripped bare they will crawl in single file – in a procession – to the next tree. When Bombyx processiona, the remedy prepared from these caterpillars, is sprayed onto plants or watered into their root system, they naturally repel those moths and caterpillars that would normally infest them. There is no remedy residue that acts as a barrier. Instead, just as with humans, the remedy triggers a healthy response from the plant that makes it more resistant and less appetising to parasites that would normally attack it if it were in a less healthy state. And, of course, what is good for the plant ends up being good for us when we eat or use it.

 Silicea terra – King of the Garden Remedies
Perhaps the most important remedy in agricultural homeopathy is Silicea terra. No other remedy can lay claim to the depth and breadth of action Silicea has on plants and soil. It:
Aids germination of seeds
Reduces transplant shock
Strengthens weak and spindly plants
Increases vigour and resistance of plants to pests, moulds, and mildew
Aids water retention in plants growing on arid soils
Stimulates Assists seed generation and development
Improves fruit-setting when applied after flowering
Stimulates premature flowering and prevents seed formation when applied in overdose to weeds
Changes the ionisation of soil particles so that water-repellent soil readily absorbs moisture … and more!

Instructions for Agrohomeopathy Remedy Use and Storage
Just add one 6X or 6C potency pill to 200 ml of water, shake vigorously, and then spray on the leaves of your plant or water into its roots (many say watering the soil above the plants roots with some of the liquid is more effective than spraying the liquid onto the leaves).
Store pills and liquid away from light, moisture, and high temperatures (normal household temperatures are fine). Close range mobile phone and microwave oven emissions have been shown to affect homeopathic remedies, so keep your pills and liquid away from these appliances.
One vial of 100 pills makes 20 litres of remedy.

Articles on AgroHomeopathy

Hugh Lovel explains Quantum Physics  Easy to Understand

Recorded at Birds Nest Retreat  2003



3rd Aug-8th August


Workshop Requirements: 
 Restoring Our Farms DVD



3 August-8 August 3 pm

Your Pathway to a Resilient Farm



Sine Cera  Rainforest Retreat 

Cougal, NSW 2474

1 hour to Gold Coast  airport


New Students: $850 for five days 

Couples: $1550 for both

 Reviewers: $700

Shared room and 3 meals per day $100 per day plus GST

To participate you must have attended a previous class or download and study the basic Quantum Agriculture weekend class:


..Horse & Buggy Technical Expert
An Old Order Mennonite lady is trotting down the road in her horse and buggy when she is pulled over by a police officer. "Ma'am, I'm not going to ticket you, but I do have to issue you a warning. You have a broken reflector on your buggy."

"Oh, I'll let my husband, Jacob, know as soon as I get home."

"That's fine. Another thing, ma'am. I don't like the way that one rein loops across the horse's back and around one of his balls. I consider that animal abuse. That's cruelty to animals. Have your husband take care of that right away!"

Later that day, the lady is home telling her husband about her encounter with the cop.

"Well, dear, what exactly did he say?" asked the husband.

"He said the reflector is broken." replied the lady.

"I can fix that in two minutes. What else?" asked the husband.

The wife replied, "I'm not sure, Jacob . . . Something about the emergency brake."
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