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Hugh and Shabari Lovel Welcome you
Quantum Agriculture Annual Australian Advanced Course

18-23 August   Byron Bay Manor     

Byron Bay, NSW 

The transcendental properties of Quantum Physics add up to
what you seek you find.
Thus it is Essential to know what
Agricultural Excellence looks like.

Improve your observational skills.          
Enlarge and shift your world view.
Build self-regenerative soils at minimal expense.          
Produce disease and pest free crops abundantly.
            Understand how life arises and what makes plants thrive.        
Translate experience into insight so you see what you look at. 
                 Understand soil/tissue tests so needs are met at modest cost.            
       Design cropping systems to use nature’s regenerative abilities.
 Diagnose problems to find the cause rather than to treat symptoms
 Understand Radionics, Field Broadcasting and Dowsing

Hugh Lovel  Instructor

with Quantum Ag Reps:
Geoff Bassett, Heinz Gugger &
Shabari Bird

Course Requirement:
Restoring Our Farms DVD

Have your most challenging questions answered by Hugh and other farmers in the group. 
Lively Evening Discussions
Meet new friends and join our
Quantum Agriculture
 Global Community

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A Flow of Organization by Hugh Lovel

Cosmiculture by Christopher Bird

Webinars with Hugh Lovel and Shabari Bird

Please email us at if you would like to attend our upcoming Webinar series.
Due to heavy travel schedule we can only give 2 weeks notice for attendance. Save travel expense by attending our courses in
Biodynamic Agriculture: Advanced Chromotography Interpretation; Dairy Soil Course; True Excellence in Vineyard; True Excellence in Market Gardening

Hugh Lovel Blog Waiting for your Comments

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