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Winter 2015: West Michigan Fish Notes

Asian Carp Eaten by Native Fish, New Study Finds

Asian carp are showing up in the diets of some native fish, and the blue catfish is one of the few southern river species big enough to take on adult silver carp. This is encouraging news for big rivers that carp have already invaded, but it does not change the fact that the Great Lakes are at great risk of invasion.

See: New findings on carp predators

Asian Carp Chili or Carp Burgers, Anyone?

Although Asian carp filets are too bony for most U.S. consumers, boneless minced carp can be used as healthy stand-in for ground beef in some recipes. A recent University of Missouri study found that many people are willing to try Asian carp but only a few have actually done so.

See: Potential for minced carp markets

Videos From Ludington Workshop Focus on Lake Michigan

The 2015 Ludington Regional Fisheries Workshop featured in-depth presentations on food web changes, mass marking of trout and salmon, development of a Predator/Prey Ratio, and cisco rehabilitation. Four presentations from the workshop are now available on the Michigan Sea Grant YouTube Channel.

See: Summary of Ludington workshop

Steve Pothoven (NOAA/GLERL) on lower food web and alewife
Chuck Bronte (USFWS) on mass marking of trout and salmon
Randy Claramunt (MDNR) on Predator/Prey Ratio (salmon and alewife)
Kevin Donner (LTBB) on tribal efforts to rehabilitate cisco (lake herring)

Bass Kleptoparasitism Video

Kleptoparasitism is a feeding strategy that can allow a predator to save energy by stealing its food from another predator. Sometimes anglers catch two fish on a single lure when the second fish attempts to "steal a meal" from the first.

Seafood Summit!

Will you join us for the first annual Seafood Summit?

The Summit consists of three main components, including morning and afternoon sessions, which are free to attend, and the Michigan seafood banquet in the evening.

Prominent Michigan chefs will prepare five courses that include Michigan grown and caught seafood. The dinner is $50 per person.

Register by March 6 for all or part of the day if you plan to attend.
Thursday, March 12
8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Dinner: 6-9 p.m.

Kellogg Conference Center
East Lansing, MI 48824

Salmon Ambassador Presentations

Dan O'Keefe will present results of 2014 volunteer sampling for Chinook salmon at club meetings.
Presentations are scheduled with:

Southwest MI Steelheaders
March 7 in Benton Harbor

Detroit Area Steelheaders
March 31 in Troy

South Haven Steelheaders
May 14 in South Haven

Check club websites for locations and details.

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