A book in two parts, it is the result of many years of research into the early history of Rawdon Township where all my ancestors settled between 1824 and 1832.
Up To Rawdon
Dear Friends

This is a short note to wish everyone a Happy Christmas season and best wishes for 2014. Thank you to all who purchased copies of Up To Rawdon and to suggest that it might be a suitable gift for a family member or friend. Or to treat yourself to part two if you only sampled part one.

I have been fortunate to have had some excellent press coverage in Quebec Heritage News (QAHN), Connections (QFHS) and Concordia University Magazine, as well as support from various on line sources. I was asked to publish a feature Up to Rawdon Explained for the November issue of Families (OGS), where the editor, Elizabeth Lapointe, made some very encouraging remarks about Up To Rawdon, which were more than satisfying for me to read.

The detail of the genealogy – which is all footnoted - is astounding. Each portion … supported with extremely precise documentation. … an excellent social and historical account … there are many maps, photos, tables, genealogies and timelines … I was rather pleased with the scope of his work and the amount of effort it took … [to] present [it] in the context of the area. … [a] resource that should definitely be considered in your research plan.

I hope that you are making use of the companion website I have added new material and updated it with corrections and and photographs on a regular basis. A special thank you to those who have shared data with me since publication, I want the Up To Rawdon project to be as accurate and inclusive as I can make it

Once again, Merry Christmas

This map was created for me by a friend and appeared in the November 2013 issue of Families magazine to illustrate my article "Up to Rawdon Explained". It helps one to understand how the Township was situated in relation to the surrounding towns, seigneuries and counties whose names have changed over the years. In present terminology, the municipality of Rawdon is the seat of Matawinie, a large regional county municipality (10,430 square km) in the region of Lanaudière in south-western Quebec. The population of the entire area, according to the Canada 2011 Census, is 49,516. Matawine includes 13 municipalities (of which Rawdon is the largest) 2 parishes and 12 unorganized territories.

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