Dear Friends

Before internet, texting, selfies on social media and zoom were our way of life, letters and family visiting were the way we kept in touch. These important occasions were often marked by a photo – if someone had a camera. Group photos from those special days help us remember those now missing from our circles.

Dear Friends

Wood and Parkinson relatives from Maple Grove and Waterville, Quebec travelled to Woodsville, New Hampshire in 1921 to visit Jessie Kirkwood Wood and baby Edgar Wood. She was their favourite sister and cousin.

Who would have imagined that family visiting, 100 years later, would be discouraged as dangerous? UP TO RAWDON has kept me occupied throughout the months of pandemic isolation – not visiting friends and from my usual activities. However, it also brought me new online friends and renewed contact with others. Photos in the attached and latest update of the website include family visits that were added by some correspondents and who are acknowledged in What’s New.

With best wishes – and get vaccinated soon! Daniel

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