Zinnias in my Garden, Summer 2020

Best wishes to all for 2021

UP TO RAWDON has been a mainstay for me throughout the stages of lockdown and semi-isolation during the past ten months. Having something to work on made the time pass quickly and in a very satisfactory way. Research does create woodchuck holes to fall into but digging one’s way out can be great fun. I did a major rewrite of the story of Joshua Gibbs, which is on the website under supplementary information about families. I have added a few photographs, as well as new and corrected information in January 2021.

Before Christmas, I completed a project for my family about our nearly 70 years living at Brightlook Farm, Waterville, Compton Township. There was a surprise connection with the Gibbs story in UP TO RAWDON because Compton Township was settled mostly by Americans from Connecticut and Vermont. Jesse Pennoyer, who settled Waterville, was a patriot from New York state who became a surveyor and agent for the British Crown at St-Armand, the place where Joshua Gibbs lived when he entered Lower Canada in 1792.

I hope that you have enjoyed the improvements that were made to UP TO RAWDON in 2019. There is so much information there if you have time to search through the files. Please let me know if you have difficulty finding things, if there are links that need correcting or you see data that you question.



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