A book in two parts, it is the result of many years of research into the early history of Rawdon Township where all my ancestors settled between 1824 and 1832.
Up To Rawdon

Dear Friends of Up To Rawdon:

It is three years since Up To Rawdon was published. Readers write to tell me how the publication has helped them with their research which is very pleasing. I especially appreciate the generosity of those who share photographs and information about Rawdon settlers and their families for publication on the website.
The website has recently had some changes to its content and layout. I will point out one improvement for your attention. The photographs that were in the Author’s and Reader’s Update have their own page now The images had made the PDF file unmanageable and the family photographs needed their own place. There is an easily identifiable key word in the updates text, now, which when clicked brings up the photograph under discussion (eg. for photos related to page 53, see It can be enlarged and has the appropriate caption below or above (in the case of family groups).
Do not hesitate to write to me at I am pleased to correspond and learn more about your interest in Rawdon.

Daniel B. Parkinson
416 869-0088
P.S. Check the website regularly for updates to Up To Rawdon. There have been twenty four in the last three years. Please, forward this letter to friends or relatives that may be interested in buying Up To Rawdon.

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