A book in two parts, it is the result of many years of research into the early history of Rawdon Township where all my ancestors settled between 1824 and 1832.
Up To Rawdon

Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes to all friends of Rawdon and of Up To Rawdon:

2015 has been an exciting year for Up To Rawdon with many contacts and submissions from readers, for which I am grateful. If you scroll down the pink column on the home page you will see that nine updates were made in 2015. The column contains a summary of what has been updated, including data and photographs that are related to a great number of families. I am grateful to my technical editor, Bill Eadie, who makes this happen and has been my mainstay since day one. There are photographs of a number of people with Rawdon roots who journeyed to Rawdon and were given amazing tours by Beverly Blagrave Prud’homme. Bev’s Rawdon Historical Society has a new link and she hopes to revise the site in 2016.
Thank you to everyone who has supported this project since publication in 2013, buying books and recommending them to friends and family.
The generous sharing of information by researchers to this website will continue in 2016.  There are additions to the site planned for the months ahead, which I am very excited about.
The Christmas image below is from a 1911 postcard sent to my Aunt Grace (Mrs. George Drew) at Waterville, Quebec from a friend on holiday in Medford, Massachusetts.
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