A book in two parts, it is the result of many years of research into the early history of Rawdon Township where all my ancestors settled between 1824 and 1832.
Up To Rawdon
Dear friends, family and associates:
This is to remind you that new information and corrections to Up To Rawdon are regularly posted in the Author’s and Readers’ Updates at and to publicly thank all who have contributed information. In particular, correspondent Mary-Jo Davies of Surrey, BC who is working on her husband’s Ralston and Connelly families has just posted photographs of Matilda Connelly and William Ralston as an update to page 135. At Mary-Jo’s suggestion, copies of Up To Rawdon were purchased by the Cloverdale Library in BC.

As well, the Baptisms, Marriages and Burials of St. John's Anglican Church, Kildare appear (see link at bottom of the Supplementary information page) through the kindness of Bill Clayton of Surrey, BC. One might think that Up To Rawdon is a hit in Surrey.

I am excited to announce a new page on the website; a copy of an 1821 Map of the original Rawdon Township, drawn by Surveyor Joseph Bouchette. It shows the roads that existed then and names a few settlers. I have added text on the significance of the roads.

Thank you, to those who have already purchased Up To Rawdon and who have recommended it to others. Sales have been gratifying both in paperback and e-book. Both formats have consistently been in the top sellers in the Lulu history section. Because Lulu considers Up To Rawdon to be two separate books, they were number one and number two at one point. If you have not yet ordered a copy, please consider doing so. I am confident that you will be satisfied.

Daniel B. Parkinson
Toronto, Ontario
back cover, Up To Rawdon Part One
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