A book in two parts, it is the result of many years of research into the early history of Rawdon Township where all my ancestors settled between 1824 and 1832.
Up To Rawdon

Dear Friends of Up To Rawdon:

Spring days have finally come to Toronto. There was a robin sitting four feet from me as I cleaned up the front garden today and casting a speculative eye at the neighbour’s maple tree.

This update is the third one for 2018 - year six of the Up To Rawdon website. I am excited about this because it indicates the continued interest you have in Rawdon – ‘the home of our ancestors’. It pleases me that you write to me with new material, corrections and photographs.

I was pleased to find information in Ancestry about the Rawdon Volunteer Infantry (the militia) and the part they played in protecting Canada during the Fenian Raids. The sons and grandsons of the Rawdon settlers did their part when called to active service including - much to my delight - one of my great grandfathers. This was 150 years ago and love of Britain was very strong. I have added an essay and a file with the names of men who applied for a government bounty 40, years later. The Canadian government has never been noted for speed you will say. You will find it in research files  named Rawdon Volunteer Infantry, 1870.

Best wishes to all,

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