This week the Star Citizen dev team made solid strides toward our goals for the 2.6.1 patch

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January 27th, 2017

Greetings Citizen.

This week the Star Citizen dev team made solid strides toward our goals for the 2.6.1 patch, as outlined last week in the revised production schedule report. Meanwhile, others devs that have been locked down to focus on specific tasks and features have continued making progress on elements of the game that will appear further down the road in 3.0 and Squadron 42.

One of those exciting future features was the main subject of this week’s episode of Around the Verse. The depth of the AI system illustrates the extraordinary detail Star Citizen is setting out to achieve. The extensive system being built by Tony Zurovec, Francesco Roccucci and the rest of the AI team will really make the universe come alive with the creation of day/night cycles, NPC crewmember behaviors, and much more.

After a series of high level meeting in LA started off the new year, I’m preparing to spend the next few weeks at our Foundry 42 offices in the UK and Germany. There I’ll get to oversee and review many of the exciting features we have in the works. I look forward to sharing these advancements with you when the time is right.

-- Chris Roberts

Around the Verse

This week’s Around the Verse does a deep dive into subsumption. Persistent Universe Director Tony Zurovec and Lead AI Programmer Francesco Roccucci sit down for an in-depth chat about what to expect and fields questions from the community. Also, our UK studio provides an update on the MISC Razor, VFX for the Caterpillar and Herald, and a glimpse at upcoming surface outposts.

Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy

Archivist Cherie Heiberg provides a tour of the Helios System for this Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Helios suffers from strong solar winds that interfere with ship sensors, and many of the system’s residents live in underwater habitats on the ocean planet of Tangaroa. Learn more about this unique system here.

Showdown: Economic Imbalance

Following the release of a Senate report on growing economic disparity, Eria Quint moderates a debate on what the UEE’s planning to do about it.

Happy Hour

Start the weekend off right by enjoying Happy Hour with the Star Citizen team. Watch community managers Jared Huckaby and Tyler Witkin play the game live with a member of the community, while a this week's dev, Character Art Director, Josh Herman provides an insider perspective. Tune in every Friday at 12 PM PST, 8 PM UTC to catch all the action.
LIVE Version : Alpha 2.6
PTU Version : None
PTU Test Groups : None

Pax South

San Antonio, TX, hosts Pax South this weekend. While we don’t have an official event scheduled, Star Citizen devs will be there, so make sure to find us, say ‘Hi’, and see what fun Star Citizen goodies we’ll be handing out.

Vault Update

This week’s vault update features a look at the greybox version of the Drake Buccaneer. Check out the incredible detail being built into this rough-and-tumble fighter. Lacking any cargo capacity, the ship was built to be used as either a protector or aggressor. A distinction that depends on actions of its pilot.

Write in Vanduul language / Vanduul keyboard

Write in the Vanduul language with this handy translator / Vanduul keyboard
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Kino Image Archive

"Even in war a hero stops to admire the beauty of space." Enjoy a gallery of screenshots utilizing the new camera controls in Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.
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Eli Wallace

A Star Citizen Tribute for Bowie

A collage of enthralling Star Citizen gameplay as a tribute to the late David Bowie’s "No Plan."
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Crusader Moon Concept Cellin

This week’s sneak peek is of a surface outpost on Cellin, one of Crusader’s moons. Visitors must be careful as the moon has over a hundred dormant volcanoes. This led to it being named Cellin after the youngest sibling in the children’s morality tale, “A Gift for Baba,” who is portrayed as stewing with anger.
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