Settler party slammed for exploiting state funds

Following Molad exposè: State Comptroller inspects
transfer of development funds to Jewish Home affiliates


In September 2014, a Molad report exposed that state funds earmarked for developing Israel’s socioeconomic periphery were, in fact, being channeled to national-religious nonprofits working to indoctrinate secular communities, some in wealthy areas. The funds were transferred from the Housing Ministry, headed by Jewish Home member Uri Ariel, via the WZO's Settlement Division. Molad also revealed suspected conflicts of interest in budget allocation to these nonprofits, at least 76% of which were found to be affiliated with Minister Ariel.

The findings received extensive media coverage and led to a formal investigation by the State Comptroller. According to recent press reports, the State Comptroller is soon to publish a grave report concerning Minister Ariel and his cronies, corroborating Molad’s findings. Channel 10 TV recently ran a primetime piece on the corruption scandal, interviewing Molad and citing our figures.

This is a vivid example of the Israeli right’s current unprecedented endeavor to furtively harness the government and its resources to the political ascendancy of the small and unpopular national-religious settler movement. The State Comptroller’s intervention highlights the significance and efficacy of Molad’s continued effort to expose and analyze the Israeli right wing’s true priorities.

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Mikhael Manekin
Executive Director

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