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November 2013
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I've been thinking about Noel a lot lately. This is the first Thanksigving in 21 years that she's been absent, and while I miss her terribly, I am full with the gratitude of having had her all those years.

What are you grateful for this holiday season?

Keeping Balance Through Change

As the seasons change, so do we. Yet during transitions, it’s all too easy for us to fall out of balance – a state Ayurveda defines as enthusiasm for life, healthy appetite, optimal functioning of physiology and body processes, resilient body tissues and peaceful mind.

What we need specifically to keep balance is determined by our unique mind/body constitution or dosha.

For significant understanding of your dosha or prakriti (innate being) and your current state of balance or vikriti, a consultation with an Ayurvedic practitioner is advised. Still, self-analyses can also be insightful.

The Chopra Center offers one excellent online quiz to get you started. Give it a whirl and see where you are – a critical step in figuring out where you want to be!

Note: You can take the quiz and get your results without providing any personal information.

New on The Resilience Blog:

9 Lifelong Tips for Healthy and Happy Holidays

With 2014 just weeks away, many of us are starting to feel the year-end crunch. This year, even the holidays are compressed, with Thanksgiving and the first night of Chanukah falling on the same day – an anomaly that won’t occur again for another 77,000 years or so.

Exit (mostly) commercial-free Thanksgiving, enter the Menurkey – a combo turkey and menorah designed by 9 year old Asher Weintraub.

But even a whimsical Menurkey might not counter the holiday stress that so readily accumulates.

What if, instead, we initiate habits now that help eliminate the discomfort we’ve come to accept as normal at year end – exhausted, bloated, broke? For it’s entirely possible to sail into the New Year grounded and healthy and partake of all of the celebrations and beautiful traditions that give the season its meaning!

Ayurveda explains that disease and health are influenced by three main factors: diet, time and routine. Here some seasonal suggestions for each to make the final weeks of 2013 ease-full…

Get the tips!



Wintertime Lemon-Ginger Brew

As noted in our blog post this month, Ayurveda recommends warm and room temperature drinks during the winter months – and experience tells us how right that wisdom is. There’s nothing quite so nurturing as a warm drink on a cold day.

One especially tasty and warming treat is a brew made from this simple compote of lemon – which helps purify the liver and boost the immune system – honey and ginger, which aids digestion:

  1. Cut one organic lemon into thin slices, removing seeds.

  2. Peel and grate ¼ cup ginger – or thinly slice a 3” finger of ginger root.

  3. Place ginger and lemon in a ½ pint mason jar and cover them with organic honey.

  4. Cover and store in your refrigerator. In 48 hours, the honey will be infused and the ginger and lemon will soften.

Making the drink is even easier! Just add 2 to 4 teaspoons of the compote – with or without pulp, as you prefer – into one cup of hot water for an instant, delicious and warming treat!

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