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Dear Partners, Associates and friends of GRLI 

"At the current rate, most of the [SDGs] will not be met. To be achieved, the SDGs need to become mandatory — not necessarily in the legal sense, but in the sense that nations have to know that there’s no alternative but to make them happen." 

-Editorial in Nature, 1 January 2020 "Get the Sustainable Development Goals Back on Track"

If your news feed and inbox are anything like mine, they are full of reports about SDGs activities - commitments, financing, investing, reporting, and pledges. Yet one third of the way into the SDGs' 15-year journey, most are not on track, according to the editors of Nature journal. In Davos last month, one attendee quoted climate scientist Johan Rockström describing this predicament with, "We're still having islands of success in an ocean of ignorance."
For all our well-intentioned actions, activities, platforms, conferences and reports, they are for naught if safety, shared prosperity, and hope aren't available to all. What would "no alternative but to make them happen" look like for the SDGs and Global Responsibility in all parts of our lives?

That's where the work of the GRLI community and all our interconnected networks is uniquely positioned to thrive and serve, by connecting islands of success and building strong pathways between all of us for collective success. How "sticky" can we be in our connecting activities, like the spider's feet in weaving a web? (Thanks to Wayne Visser and Mary Watson for sharing this metaphor on our 29 January AGM Follow-up call.)

A look at our communities' recent and upcoming collective impact encourages us to continue our work together, in service to Global Responsibility in leadership and practice: 

-Outcomes from Davos and the AACSB Deans Conference in Nashville shared by our community members
-Reflections and outcomes from the 29 January GRLI AGM Virtual Follow-up
- An eye ahead to 2020 events and opportunities for collective impact

With swiftly approaching deadlines, please note:

Finally, in Charles Handy's "The Second Curve," the organizational design thinker challenged all of us to consider how change is a powerful tool for resilience. The "second curve" of the title refers to a second business, or career embarked upon as the first is still rising, to build renewal into how we work and live.

In that spirit, the GRLI is embarking on a second curve, in that the GRLI Board has endorsed the consensus of our Partners & Associates to extend our work to 2030 beyond the original sunset date of 2024. Despite the hard work of our Partners, Strategic Partners, Associates and friends, our work is not yet finished. We will continue to serve our communities with renewed inquiry into what matters most. More news and next steps regarding this development will be circulated in the coming weeks. 

Warm wishes,

John North

Momentum from 29 Jan Virtual AGM Gathering

On 29 January, 34 members of the GRLI community continued our exploration into our role as a catalyst and facilitator in a growing ecosystem of initiatives and organisations that share our purpose and align with our focus. The successful virtual meeting by Zoom video conferencing included smaller group breakouts and then report outs to all attendees.

The event built on our November AGM in Portugal with a review and feedback on GRLI's Positioning and Strategic Direction draft document. We continue to invite robust discussion and critique on this plan, so please comment directly on the live and working document.

GRLI Foundation Board Endorses Call to Continue GRLI's Mission

Following our meeting on 28 January, the GRLI Foundation Board, inclusive of strategic partners EFMD and AACSB International, endorsed a proposal by our partners and associates that GRLI should operate beyond our original sunset date of 2024 to 2030. We're grateful to our communities' affirmation of the valuable leadership role the GRLI plays as a force and resource for collaboration, cooperation, and coordination within the landscape of higher education.

Journal of Global Responsibility: Call for Papers & Board members

Our colleagues at the Journal of Global Responsibility (JGR) have issued a call for papers and board members.

As well as a call for paper submissions to upcoming editions, the journal invites applications from eligible experts, scholars and researchers to join the Boards (Policy, Editorial and Review) of the Journal. More details on both opportunities seen below.

The Journal of Global Responsibility is dedicated to becoming the premier journal that publishes original and high-quality theoretical and empirical research in advancing our understanding of global responsibility issues in today’s interconnected and interdependent world.

See details on these opportunities on our blog.

Plan to attend! Regenerative Management Education:
The 5th Deans & Directors Cohort gathering

We're pleased to announce that the 5th GRLI Deans & Directors Cohort will be held 28 April to 1 May 2020 in Denver, Colorado with the theme "Regenerative Management Education".

Co-hosted by the Leeds School of Business – University of Colorado and Babson College, the Cohort will convene immediately following the AACSB International Conference and Annual Meeting.

Existing participants are invited to register online whilst those interested to join the cohort are encouraged to submit online proposals and meet with GRLI to discuss their participation. 

The GRLI @ AACSB Deans Conference in February, Nashville

Our Founding Secretary General Anders Aspling attended the AACSB Deans Conference and Responsible Management Education Affinity Group Meeting this year in Nashville on 2-4 February.

Anders reports back following the event which included the latest on a new proposed AACSB standard focused on Engagement and Societal Impact.

For more on this visit our blog.

Opportunities for Collective Impact

Photo by Bruno Figueiredo on Unsplash

Highlights to look for on our website and the Events page

February 2020 March 2020 April 2020 May 2020 Rest of 2020

 Collaboration Highlights

Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) logo
Higher Education Sustainability Initiative

The GRLI provides ongoing support and endorsement to the Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) and played an active role in helping with re-establishing its vision, objectives and governance structure.

SDG Transformations Forum
The GRLI supports the work of the SDG Transformations Forum as a founding and active thought partner.

The Forum’s mission is to urgently co-create and amplify transformational infrastructure and initiatives that systemically support the emergence of that future aligned with and going beyond the SDGs and Agenda 2030.

Wellbeing Economy Alliance
The GRLI is a founding organizational partner of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, the leading global collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals working together to transform the economic system into one that delivers human and ecological wellbeing.

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