Calls for global responsibility in leadership and practice are growing louder. How can we make this a reality?
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Dear Partners, Associates and friends of GRLI

As an internationally diverse partnership of globally responsible thought-and-action leaders, many of GRLI’s associates, friends and partners have recently issued public statements reaffirming their commitment to the development of inclusive economies and societies, and to highlight the importance of academic freedom. There have also been many discussions online and at conferences during recent weeks where the GRLI community considered the potential implications of the role and work of GRLI in this context.

Beyond amplifying the statements from AACSB and PRME, the GRLI is accelerating its efforts to initiate and facilitate hands-on and on-the-ground actions that are informed by the essence of what we believe global responsibility is about. New and ongoing initiatives include:

  • forming a "Deans as Agents of Change" cohort
  • rolling out an online GRLI co-working space
  • facilitating a collaboratory on #FeesMustFall and the Higher Education crisis in South Africa
  • preparing for our next AGM in June inclusive of the 4th Global Forum themed "Discovering Flourishing Enterprise".
There is more information on all of these below.
Tom Robinson highlighted our shared belief that “education can serve as a force for good, contributing to the betterment of the world’s economy and society”.

Read the full letter from AACSB.
As active PRME Steering Committee member the GRLI endorsed a statement in defence of basic values, principles and preconditions for responsible management education.

Read the full statement from PRME.

“Deans as Agents of Change” initiative

At the 2017 AACSB Deans conference held in New Orleans last week around 40 business school deans participated in a powerful and participative inquiry into their role, and the role of their schools, in growing businesses and leaders that are not only the best in the world, but the best for the world. The GRLI is now inviting applications for a participant-driven “Deans as Agents of Change” cohort. Participants will jointly determine, based on individual and collective challenges, interests and energy, which emergent issues and topics to emphasise during working sessions and virtual meetings planned for 2017/2018. In the facilitation GRLI will use peer-learning approaches and innovative methodologies such as those tested and developed during the pioneering GRLI Innovation Cohort (2013/14).

Contact us for more information and look out for upcoming announcements.

Collaboratory: An Inclusive Future for South African Higher Education

The Fourth International Conference on Responsible Leadership takes place at the GIBS Business School in Johannesburg, South Africa on 15 and 16 March 2017. Hosting partners include the Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership at the University of Pretoria, Copenhagen Business School and the GRLI.

To engage in a pressing, local leadership challenge that matters, we will host a 2-day post-conference collaboratory workshop entitled “An Inclusive Future for South African Higher Education.” The workshop will assemble students, faculty, leadership practitioners, and other interested parties together with international leadership scholars to explore constructive responses to the “Fees Must Fall” and curriculum reform conflict, and to leverage the collaboratory method to work toward an inclusive future or university students and stakeholders in South Africa and other contexts.

Visit our website for the full programme, registration and collaboratory invite.

Streamlined, real-time collaboration and sharing between GRLI Partners

In order to build deeper relationships and support collaboration in-between AGMs and meetings we recently started rolling out the use of Slack for GRLI Partners and Associates. Slack is a messaging app where we can talk, share files and work together. It also connects with tools we already use, like Zoom, Google Drive, Twitter etc. as well as 500+ other apps.

Having everything in one place will help us work together better and faster, cut down on email and improve transparency and visibility within the network. Everything you share in an open Slack channel is automatically indexed and archived, creating a searchable archive of all of our discussions.

If you support GRLI financially and haven’t received an invite yet please contact us or head over here: and sign up with your organisational email address.

2017 All Gathering Momentum and our next Call to Action

The GRLI’s 2017 annual All Gathering Momentum (AGM) event will be hosted by the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio, USA) and will form part of the 4th Global Forum themed “Discovering Flourishing Enterprise: The Key to Great Performance” taking place 14-16 June 2017. The AGM will start with a Get Up To Speed (GUTS) session for GRLI partners and associates on 13th June 2017. This will be an important platform for GRLI and associated networks to further the develop our next Call to Action which we started outlining during the meeting in Limerick. More information about the working group and direction of the next Call to Action will be shared well in advance of the AGM.

Register online

Finally, in his most recent book Ken Wilber, integral theorist and philosopher, writes:

“..real leadership stares into the face of a no-truth, no-direction, no-values world, and says, ‘It is simply not true that there is no truth; there is most definitely truth, and it lies in this direction’ [cf. outreach, inclusiveness, compassion, care, integration] — and it is so radiantly genuine and attractive as it provides a believable path into an uncertain future, that it galvanizes vast numbers to follow it forward.”

I believe that our collective words and actions will continue forging the path towards global responsibility, and I welcome all opportunities for us to engage in collaborative action.

Warm regards,

John North
GRLI Executive Director

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