Happy February!

Finally back!

After finishing working on day 6/10 at my Bolivian Tennis Camps, I looked up the sky and feeling the scorching 38 degree burn on my skin I thought: "thanks goodness it'll end soon, newt week I will be in Sweden!" :)

5 things to share:
1.- Do you have all your trainings times? If not, mail me immediately!
2.- Grand Slam Camp -  a tennis camp for all players under 12. Friday & Saturday 7-8/2.
3.- SEB Clinics in Kramfors - For all Green (MAXI) Tennis players and those who recently started with Yellow Tennis.
4.- Valentine's Day Tennis - Play tennis with your loved one or get it as a gift!
5.- New Vuxengroup Open - Monday's 18-19, join us!

GRAND SLAM CAMP  - a tennis camp for all players under 12.

Tennis Norr Invites all children who have participated in the If.. Stockholm Open Tour tournaments during 2013 to to participate at this weekend's camp at Sköns TK. Sign up for 1)  Friday and Saturday 2)just Friday or 3) just Saturday. The  region invites all children who have played red, orange and green  tennis (mini, midi & maxi). The cost is 100kr and includes a tshirt, snacks on friday and lunch saturday.
Mail Richie to sign up.
Friday 17-20
Saturday 10-16
Coaches: Richie & Fredrika

SEB Clinics in Kramfors - For Green and Yellow Tennis Players
This clinics are for you who just started playing with yellow balls. just started competing and or play with Green balls.
Read the info HERE!!
Valentine's Day Tennis - for both of you... or just for you ;)
The Adriana Special will contain: (named after my sister who currently has to be the  most "in love" person I know)
1 Hour lessons for couples kl 13-14. 14-15 & 15-16 @ 150kr/player
1.5 Hours lessons in group kl 16-17:30 for all Men @ 100kr/player
1.5 hours lessons 17:30-19:00 fro all girls @@ 100kr/player

Red roses, expensive dinner and champagne NOT included!

"Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -- a desire, a dream, a vision." - Muhammad Ali

ATA Upcoming Events

7 & 8

Fri 19-20:30
Sat 10:00-14:00
For all players who have participated in mini, Midi & Maxi tennis 2013


Valentine's Day Tennis

Dates to remember!

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