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Pick Cloud, Inc. Newsletter

Welcome to the latest edition of the Pick Cloud, Inc. newsletter. In it, you will find our latest MultiValue and cloud news, promotions and events throughout the PICK/MultiValue community. We welcome your feedback!


Pick Cloud Enters Partnership with Google 

Via DBTA - Pick Cloud, Inc. has joined the Google Cloud Compute Platform Technology Partner program to continue to provide rich cloud services to MultiValue customers.

We’re going to be exclusive with Google because of the offering, their provisioning, their performance, and of course, not to be forgotten, is their price,” said Mark Pick, president, and CEO of Pick Cloud. “We are now able to drop our price anywhere from 25% to 75% on some of the offerings we had before.”  

Read more of this DBTA article here.

New Year - New Pricing!

Along with the new partnership with Google that includes security and availability comes cost savings for new cloud clients. We are able to offer full backup servers starting at $199 per month (MultiValue backup license not included) and reduce our prices on our current server configurations. Now more than ever making entry into the cloud is even easier and more cost effective.

UniVerse New Release version 11.3.1

Rocket Software has announced the availability of UniVerse 11.3.1. This release includes Python support, new audit logging, HA/DR replication and more! For information on this latest release, click here

OpenQM New Release version 3.4-9

Included in this release are the following:

The IF command in a paragraph now has an option to perform case insensitive relational comparisons. 

A "B" option has been added to commands within the SHOW utility to move to the bottom of the available items. 

An ECS qualifier has been added to the QMBasic OPENTEMP statement to create the file in ECS mode. 

A PARAMS property as been added to the !CALLHTTP.CLS class module to provide an alternative way to pass URI parameters in a GET request. For more information and to download, please visit www.openqm.com


OpenQM DBaaS

For as low as $15 per seat per month, you can have all the benefits of OpenQM in a managed worry free environment. All you need is an Internet connection!

Some of the benefits of OpenQM include: object-oriented programming, active development, efficient auto-resizing and more! It also comes bundled with AccuTerm 7 - one of the best terminal emulators on the market.

No one else in the PICK market offers MultiValue as DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service). Contact us to get started today!

Cloud Computing for Everyone! - Try FREE for 15 Days!

You don't have to break the bank to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing. Here at Pick Cloud, we want to help companies do what they do best and focus on their business - not their IT. 

We are offering a FREE 15 day trial of your MultiValue application in the cloud. No credit card required. If your hardware is at the end of it's life, now is the time to move your data to the cloud. With lower upfront costs and faster time to deployment, it is easier than ever. Have your own MultiValue license? Bring it over! Want us to host your MultiValue backup system? We can do that. Want OpenQM DBaaS? We can do that too! Begin your journey to the cloud today! Click here or call us today to get started at 949-415-7778.

Short Term Server Leasing Available for $10 a day!

Pick Cloud, Inc. is the only MultiValue cloud provider to offer short-term server leasing for as low as $10 per day with no long term commitments or set up fees. Why short term leasing? Why have a long term contract in place for a server you only use occasionally? Worse yet, have to pay for another server on  that you rarely use.

If you are in need of a test environment, development server or short term or temporary server, you can get a server from Pick Cloud for as low as $10 per server per day. Ask us how!
What our Customers are Saying

Here at Pick Cloud, Inc. we value all of our relationships - client and vendor. Here are some examples of what our customers are saying. 

“Our decision to move to the cloud was the perfect solution to our rising support costs, aging machine, and complexity of securely connecting from a remote location.  Now we have state of the art hardware (and the improved speed that comes with it), predictable and consistent costs and we can securely connect from anywhere. Pick Cloud was the natural choice for taking us from our slow, aging Pick/MultiValue system to the cloud.” Steve Henkel, Director of Information Systems, Royal Papers 

“We have been a client for over 8 years and have always been pleased with the support response times as well as the results of the projects they have helped us with. We are looking forward to working with them in the next phase in our business and moving our PICK application to the cloud!” - Emily Kuraoka, EVP, COO, ABC Corporation

When our clients succeed, we succeed. More client feedback can be found on our website. 

Comic courtesy of CloudTweaks.com

A Note from our CEO

Pick Cloud and Google Join Forces to Deliver MultiValue Fully-Managed Servers

The power of the cloud is becoming more and more robust as time goes on.  Network infrastructures are getting more resilient, internet speeds are more stable, and access is wider than ever.  We are now teamed up with Google to offer an affordable, fully managed cloud platform for our users and the MultiValue community.  By doing this we can ensure a high-level of redundancy and have granular control over our servers while also having the ability to tweak our hosting environment; making our MultiValue servers faster, more stable, secure and completely isolated.  Known for its reliable and innovative technology, Google is once again creating new ways to allow us to give our users the competitive edge. Google is built on the most comprehensive infrastructure in the world!

Here are my top 3 reasons why your company should consider a cloud-based MultiValue server:
  • Reduce Capital Spending - Why make large capital investments in hardware, data centers, and staff when you can use the savings for investment into your business? Instead of risky large costly outlays, your cost is reduced to monthly billing. This is considered an operational expense and can be written off versus owning the equipment which is depreciated year after year.
  • Instant Anywhere Access - Cloud services allow your team to work anywhere with instant access - 24x7.
  • Scaling - To handle seasonal spikes, unexpected growth, or other changes in traffic, use cloud services to ramp up resources without purchasing hardware and software that goes unused during the rest of the year. Buy what you need when you need it. 
While others in our industry have raised their prices, we have lowered ours. There is no better time than now to move your business to the cloud, whether it is, to begin with, your hot backup system starting as little as $199 per month or your core business functionality starting at $299 per month.

To find out more about us, our products and services, or to ask us questions, you can do so either by calling 949-415-7778, visiting our website or simply replying to this email.

Thanks for reading,

Upcoming Events

Check the MultiValue calendar for all events PICK MultiValue! 

Upcoming Webinars

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming FREE online events!

Archived Webinars

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 • Introduction to OpenQM - A Tour of Benefits and Features
 • Ten Things You Didn't Know About AccuTerm 7
 • Seamless Printing from the Cloud


Industry Events

SAPUG Meeting - Thursday, February 16 starting at 3 PM - presented by Rocket Software. 

International Spectrum Conf & Exhibition - May 1 - 4
The Wigwam, Phoenix, Arizona
Looking for MultiValue community events and product launches all in one place? Look no further. The MultiValue PICK World calendar is available! Have a MultiValue event or product launch date you would like to add to the list? Contact us and we would be happy to do so.
How the Cloud Works

Infographic courtesy of Cohesive Networks

Tech Tips

Emails can be sent from QM applications using standard operating system components with no additional software.

This tech tip discusses how to send emails on a Windows systems.

Using Windows IIS

Ideally, configure Windows IIS on the server. Alternatively, this method will work if the IIS file structures are accessed across a local network.

All that is necessary to send an email is to prepare a text file with the standard email headers, writing this data into the pickup subdirectory of the IIS mailroot area. Note that use of the SAFEDIR configuration parameter to perform a two stage update to directory files can result in IIS sending the email twice.

The program below is similar to the one used by the OpenQM web site to send emails. This example shows inclusion of PDF attachments. Other attachment file types can be handled in a similar manner.

For the rest of this tech tip, please click here.


The Pick Cloud Difference

Why Choose Pick Cloud over other MultiValue cloud providers?

With access to Google data centers worldwide, Pick Cloud can take advantage of state of the art facilities and security to offer our clients premium hardware and services to power their MultiValue applications. 

Our approach allows us to provide you with enterprise grade hardware and software without breaking your bank. Don't just take our word for it - try it FREE for 15 days - no commitment required.

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