Bob Swanson, Phil Brown Memories
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Remembering Bob Swanson
Remembering Phil Brown
As most of you know, Bob Swanson passed away on 10/16.2016. We were informed by his Sierra Designs co-founder, George Marks and were much saddened by the news.
Another friend, Phil Brown, passed last year. I'd been hoping to get more about Phil onto OutInUnder. Just in the last month discovering a happy convergence between the local arts and mountaineering communities gave me that opportunity.

Now I'm hoping you'll share memories of Bob or Phil if you have them. 

They can be very short, quite long, or in-between. A quick paragraph is much ,much better than nothing at all. You can add them as comments to these stories about Bob or Phil..or just hit reply to this message and send them to me. I'l merge them in and give you a chance to check, correct  and/or extend what you've sent before they're published. The key is just get it out there and we can tighten it up in the mix.

Al Tabor - OutInUnder Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

PS - some memories of mine.

I considered Bob a subdued counter-balance to George's flamboyance. That was until I was at an OR party and suddenly saw Bob emerge from the crowd, wearing some sort of ninja headband, howling, sweating profusely, and dancing like a mad man!

My most resonant memories of Phil are of an infamous ad for a big sale at SD's retail stores and our visits to the Mabuhay Gardens to see punk shows in the 70s. Phil stood out like a beacon: a large rugby shirt wearing kinda-jock-looking guy in a sea of pale small skaggy looking punks. As a long-hair, I was only slightly less obvious. And yet it was all good natured aggression in the mosh. Phil declined to throw his weight around and the punks were surprisingly friendly.

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