Party 3/17 and Protect Public Lands
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Hi All,

Last month, the CEOs of most major Outdoor Industry companies took the unprecedented step of joining an open letter to Pres.Trump and the Congress in defense of public lands...this on the heels of what I'm calling the Utah Revolt in which Yvon Choiunard and Peter Metcalf suggested that our Outdoor Retailer Show leave Utah in protest!

This is a Call to Action. Protecting public lands is not and should not be a partisan issue.. Step 1 is to learn what the fuss is all about. Step 2 is to use your influence to increase awareness.  The Open Letter provides some tools. I have compiled a list of resources below. Further steps will become evident as things unfold.

First, some announcements.
  • Though not partisan in the narrow sense, the issue of public lands is political in the broad sense of attempting to influence public policy and urging action.
    Still, this might not be what you signed up for! If you want to Opt Out, hit reply and let me know. I'll figure out a way to set flags on the list so you see only the Newsletter.
  • 3/17 - Save the Date: MHW folks! More below.
  • 3/17 - Save the Date: Everyone: Guarandinga! More here.
Hail Xaos, Al

Protect Public Lands:
Granola Eaters and Sheep Blasters Unite!

Get Informed, Spread the Word.

From the Founder:

Folks can tell you that I'm far from non-partisan although I do consider myself informed, fair and have close friends people with quite different politics. I'm sending this to the OIU list to highlight a non-partisan issue that should deeply concern all of us. The OIA letter referenced above is a good intro if this is new to you.

I've been following this issue for some time now using two primary resources.

One is the Outdoor Industry Association. The OIA's PAC endorsements for the last election  included both Republicans and Democrats. One of those endorsees was Republican Ryan Zinke from Montana, now Pres.Trump's nominee for Secretary of Interior. 

The second is a reporter for the the Pacific Standard, Jimmy Tobias. Pacific Standard is left of center but enforces journalistic standards on it's content. This article provides useful background.

Here follows a big list of resources. I urge you to get informed and push out to your network any of the below that you think might resonate . (If you're an Outdoor Industry person, Choiunard's letter might be a good place to start, but I try to provide resources for a variety of interests. The latest news is the 2nd Guardian article.)

We in the outdoor biz are uniquely positioned to keep on top of this issue, and I feel it's our responsibility to become educated and to educate.

Feel free to forward out this whole newsletter as well. If folks sign up, I'll do my best to keep them informed. If need be, I'll create an "Alerts Only" group that wants to actually avoid all the OutInUnder stories.
The List 

Outdoor Industry CEOs open letter. I'm calling this the Utah Revolt.
Other Outdoor Industry Association policy posts:
Organizations (in addition to the OIA.)
History. It's ironic that one of the things targeted in this play for public land is the Antiquities Act of 1906, one of Teddy Roosevelt's signature accomplishments. This recent attack on public lands is a weird turn.
Background and coverage - Pacific Standard's Jimmy Tobias:
Background and coverage - other:
If I'm missing something let me know.

Al Tabor - OutInUnder Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Party Part 1
MHW folks, a few of us had been kicking around the idea that it was time for another MHW reunion event. Hearing Tim Metz was moving on with a 3/17 (maybe) last day crystalized the planning.

Join us: Friday 3/17, after work until ???, at SlingFin (5th & Gilman behind Donkey & Goat.)
I'll grab a bunch of sausages at CostCo but potluck rules apply. Bring food and/or beverages.

We've gotten an RSVP yes from Paul Kramer and Mike Wallenfels and hope to see the rest of you!

PS, TNF & SD folks - how about an all Berkeley Backpacking Biz event some time early summer.
Party Part 2
I finally managed to see Rowan's new band and they were as good as I expected.

They're playing 3/17 at Hotel Utah as the headliners with two opening acts. That should mean one could catch the MHW event and still have plenty of time to head over to dance to Guarandinga! I've got my tickets already.

Hotel Utah's location. Event tickets.
Guarandinga's website (notice the mailing list signup at the bottom of the page) and Facebook page.
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