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Action Alert - Protecting National Parks
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We appear, at present, to be swimming in a sea of weirdness.

We need to tend to the affairs of our own particular islands of stability. 

Coz, if we don't, who will?


What's up:

From A Trojan Horse Threatens the Nation’s Parks, Christopher Ketcham, NYT, 1/18:
Members of Utah’s congressional caucus, not content with eviscerating two national monuments in the state, have unleashed a new assault on public lands, proposing legislation that hides an agenda of deregulation behind the shield of the National Park Service and the beloved park system it oversees.


This is only the latest attempt to subvert public lands in the US. These attempts are generally covert, often sponsored by Utah politicians, and always backed by oil money. See the Background articles below for more examples. It's all part of a pattern. Once exposed they often wither. The key is to get the word out and pressure our Representatives. You can:
  1. contact your Representative. I find helpful. You can use SMS or Facebook Messanger and it makes it all super-easy. My note is pictured below. Alternatively, contact info for the House is here. The bill is HB 4558.
  2. use your influence:let fellow outdoor geeks know and suggest action...particularly if they have Republican Reps in the House. These things thrive in the dark.

While we're at it let me mention a few other items.

First, ex-Mountain Hardwear stalwart, Chris Lopez, is battling a rare and aggressive cancer and his support network has created a GoFundMe page for him.

Last, fans of the prairie Sage Grouse should take a moment to submit opposition to plans to subvert the conservation plan. BHA provides details and an easy path to comment.


More on HB4558 with some useful links.
 [Termed the Grand Staircase Escalante Enhancement Act] a reading of the bill, H.R. 4558, reveals it as a Trojan horse, appearing as a gift to the public while eroding federal environmental protections on public lands. If it becomes law, the bill could set a precedent with enormous consequences nationally, all of them bad for the national parks and the park service, which celebrates its 102nd birthday this August. It is, in fact, a model for the piecemeal unraveling of the more than 400 national parks, monuments, battlefields, historic sites, recreation areas and other places in the park system.

The National Parks Conservation Association, an advocacy group for the park system, contends the legislation would “undermine the meaning and value of a national park."

Earlier attempts to subvert public lands with details on the money behind the effort. Thanks,
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