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Drug, Sex and Manufacturing Systems...
...ok, I lied about the Sex

(My newsletters are always 3 times too long. So I've cut this one to 1/3 the length... but will publish the next one 3 times as fast. Improvement? Let me know.)

So Drugs! The problem with the word is that it is so broad as to be almost meaningless. Melatonin is a drug; so is strychnine...and amoxicillin, fentanyl and various cannabinoids. Any substance that does something when absorbed into a biological system pretty much counts.

That said, there are some specific substances, used mostly non-medically, that have had a profound effect on the early Outdoor Industry...some good, some bad, mostly mixed.

Sparked by Derek's tale of Reba watering a volunteer pot plant, I asked if anyone had interesting drug tales. Woody had a few. That sparked a few of mine. Triggered by having seen the De Young's Summer of Love exhibit, mine took a reflective turn.

Here are the stories.

How about you? Care to join the thread? Send your stories on in. Be sure and note whether you intend them to be published or not and whether you want to be anonymous or not. Just to be sure, I'll check for your explicit permission before posting anything.

Other stories have been accumulating on OutInUnder over time:
> Woody's tales of 70s SD Retail where the weeks after harvest were bigger than the Xmas holidays
> Kevin's (in light of current research pioneering) post Viet Nam PTSD self-medication
> even the event that triggered my Grandparent's departure from Deadwood, South Dakota.
> Oh, and don't forget schnoofa and George Marks and Bob Swanson setting pack pocket sizes to hold a bottle of gin and one of vermouth.

I know there are plenty of tales out there. Some are as colorful and blatant as a face plant into spaghetti. Others are as clandestine as a Outdoor Biz Lifer on the lam.

One last one. Shortly after Columbia bought MHW, the head of IT at Columbia flew down for a visit. He and my IT Department went out to lunch. We were studying the menus; he was studying us. Abruptly he asked, "How did you people pass the drug test?"

Well, how did we?

Coming in September: fewer drugs, more manufacturing systems. I know you can't wait.


PS -  The lovely and talented Cynthia won a rare Golden Gert Award from Columbia. Thought I'd let you all know.

PSS - Action Alerts compliments of the Outdoor Retailer Association:
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