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OutInUnder Fall 2016 Newsletter
Swapping Stories from the Great Outdoors.
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It's old home week in Berkeley! 

Starting at Brennan's!

Bob Woodward tells of the important role Brennan's and Red Beer played at Sierra Designs in the '70's. 

Not that Woody is an unreliable source, but Alan Tabor, Jack Gilbert and Martin Zemitis felt a need to verify his claims. Reports have it that tent design and "just selling the shit" were discussed.

And on to the Gilman Grill. 

A casual conversation at the Grill with artist Doug Heine led Martin to a regular breakfast of artists who have lived and worked for decades in the old West Berkeley stomping grounds of TNF & MHW. One of the group, Stan Huncilman, has written a fictional account of a survivor of the Mallory expedition

Opening Stan's book, we were delighted to discover that it is dedicated to our late lamented friend, Phil Brown!

Further, it turns out Stan is a good friend and partner in adventure with a former SD stalwart, Al French.

It is indeed a small world. We need to build a Phil Brown multi-author story on OutInUnder. Give a yell if you have anything to contribute.

More Stories:

Trailblazers! We have completed our republishing of Bob Woodward's Trailblazer series with the story of Richard Kelty and Rick Scott, progenitors of Sierra West and Big Dogs. They discuss pioneering GoreTex fabric. I (Al) remember the trials and tribulations of early de-laminating GoreTex all too well. Know your lineage: a complete index is here.
For those of you who missed it, Bruce Hamilton is digging into his archives and will be bringing us a series on the relationship between TNF and Bucky Fuller which most notably resulted in the Oval Intention. We now have a lot of tales featuring this breakthrough tent, including Hap Klopp and Mark Erickson's perspective and a Cook's tour of one of the first OIs built.
 The Oval Intention for our walk-through came from John Bouman's garage. There are four stories featuring items from his collection. They range from the sublime to the moderately ridiculous with a pack from the movie, Goonies, midway through the spectrum. Links to all are here in the right sidebar.
Founder's Notes:  

Greetings all,

Those of you who are keeping track may have noticed there was no Summer Newsletter. On the other hand, I'll probably do two Fall Newsletters: I've decided to do one whenever the Outdoor Biz content reaches a sufficient mass.

You see, it was never my intent to create an Outdoor Blog (although I'm quite happy to see it happening!) My intent has always been to create a platform for groups to tell their stories. I started with a group that I've shared stories with for decades and things went from there.

Now, in order to triangulate, as it were, I have been focusing on stories from family and friends.

What kind of stories? My criterion is that it should be a story your friends never tire of hearing...or a story you think your grandkids might wish to hear about (or from!) your grandparents..or about you. Not all stories, just the ones you know want to be told.

When I explain what I'm trying to do with OutInUnder, folks ask if it's like Moth or Story Corp. Well, yes and no. I'm hoping to facilitate stories with a much smaller audience. I'm not interested in stories that market to the masses; I'm look for stories that warm the soul.

If you'd like to join the experiment, give a yell.

Hail Xaos,

PS, if you want to check out recent example, here's my wife with a hilarious story about an early-relationship "3 hour tour" on a houseboat with her family; and our friends, Steve and Gail, feeling called to be tourists in New Orleans shortly after Katrina.
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