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Solar Heating Arab Mark and Certification Initiative <<SHAMCI>>
RCREEE, League of Arab States (LAS) and Egyptian New & Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) have organized a workshop to launch the Solar Heating Arab Mark and Certification Initiative (SHAMCI). The workshop was held at NREA premises on the  18th of December, 2012. SHAMCI certification model, designed in cooperation with ITW Stuttgart University, was presented to the Arab States in order to be adapted as an Arabian Quality Scheme for solar thermal products and mainly Solar Water Heaters (SWHs). SHAMCI model has been developed by the SHAMCI network wherein representatives of involved stakeholders from most of the Arab states contributed in designing the model and its annexes. Besides, the network members held their third meeting on the 17th of December to elaborate the final version of the model and to plan for future implementation strategy.
Check the presentations of the workshop on our website. 

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Egypt: International Bid On Wind Farm for electricity generation 
The Ministry of Electricity and Energy announces for the first time, an international bid on the establishment of a 600-megawatt wind farm with usufruct system in the Gulf of Suez area. According to Ministers 
cabinet regulations, the government will benefit from a percentage of the power generated or a portion of its price with minimum of 2%.
The Minister of Electricity and Energy Mr.Mahmoud Balbaa said that this bid comes in line with the sector's strategy to promote the use of renewable energy. He also assured that the ministry is keen to realize its goal to increase renewable energy contribution by 20% to the total electricity produced in Egypt by 2020 ,12% of which is to be generated by wind energy.
Source in Arabic: Al Arabiya

 Algeria: 40% of electricity production from Renewables
According to Algeria Press Service; Energy and Mining Minister Youcef Yousfi assured that Algeria is seeking its objective to produce in the 20 years to come, up to 40% of electricity needs from renewables, notably solar energy.
Further, the Minister stressed on the importance of utilization all renewable sources to meet the increasing demand on electricity on the long term. Adding, the government efforts in renewable energy field in 2011 have paid off with the establishment of hybrid plant to produce electricity from solar energy and natural gas and another solar plant which is under development.
Source: Algeria Press Services

Lebanon set for electricity barges 
 Lebanon will have its first electricity generating barge within four months, according to the country’s Energy and Water minister. The 2 first barges supplied by a Turkish firm are expected to generate 270 Megawatt of electricity.
Also, the barges are expected to reduce electricity rationing in Lebanon by one hour if power plants need to be shut down for rehabilitation.
Source: Utilities

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