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PW! Update May 3, 2022


Calendar & Events

Family Fun Nights! YMCA

We're bringing Family Fun Night back next Friday, May 6, from 5:30-7:00 p.m.! Theme is Cinco de Mayo Bring your kids and families to the Y for a night of fun including a bounce house, tumbling mats, arts & crafts, dancing and more! For more information, call 360-452-9244. Upcoming dates:

  • June 3rd, 2022 - theme will be School Is Out

Saturday, May 21 and June 18 9:30 – 11:30 am
Play with a Purpose: A Developmental Playgroup

Free for ages 0 to 5

Boys & Girls Club
400 W Fir St, Sequim
Siblings welcome.
Covid precautions will be in place.

Developmental Playgroups are designed to help parents and their children who are demonstrating developmental delays or disabilities to work together to meet the child’s cognitive, social and developmental goals.

This FREE parent-participation group is for children 0 to 5 years and will be led by Laura Hogan-Reyes, MA, OTR/L, SWC. Laura brings over 38 years of pediatric experience in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, schools and home-based treatment.
For more information:


Catherine McKinney, P2P Coordinator, 360.681.8642


Enjoy PBS KIDS Family Night every Friday from 7 to 9 pm and repeating on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

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Learning Through Routines- from Sesame Street in Communities

Ordinary moments such as getting dressed, preparing meals, cleaning up, or bedtime offer opportunities to build math, language, and other skills that prepare kids for school. Morning, noon, or night, you can integrate learning into daily routines!

Your care and support can make a huge difference in the life of a young child. Sesame Street is here for you with activities and tips for the challenges and joys along the way.

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We love #BrainBuilding tools you don't have to buy! Make a musical instrument using things at home (can be as simple as a plastic spoon or a container of dried beans). Clap a rhythm & then ask your LO to try & copy your beat with their instrument. Helps your child pay attention!

Brain Building Activities here…


The Grand Connections workshop series provides a place for grandparent caregivers to:

  • Connect with other grandparents who share their experiences

  • Learn strategies to collaborate with their adult children

  • Explore the latest guidance on child development: sleep, screen time, meals/nutrition, managing challenging behavior, and building learning into everyday moments.

The Grand Connections program includes:

  • Seven 90-minute workshops, each with an hour for group discussion followed by a 30-minute read-aloud and project grandparents and grandchildren can enjoy together.

  • Options for online or in-person delivery

  • Options for grandparents providing part-time or custodial care

  • A full set of detailed lesson plans for each workshop

  • Handouts and PowerPoints in both English and Spanish

Read more about Grand Connections here…

A Better Way to Divide and Conquer Household Responsibilities

Growing up, I remember my mom and dad arguing over bills a lot. This was back when there were no online payments. The bills got put in a bill box, and once a month, they would pull out the stack and some stamps, sit at the dining room table together, and write checks. The occasional misplaced bill combined with a tight budget and two different styles of financial management led to a lot of tension and fighting. But they made a change and the fighting stopped almost instantaneously.

I remember feeling so relieved not to have to hear them fight, and I wondered why they hadn't been doing it this new way all along. Fast forward 30 years, I inadvertently used the same solution with my family over a completely different issue. Instead of bills, we were dealing with dinnertime chaos. These were two very different conflicts, resolved by making the same change. I'm confident that if you're struggling with sharing household responsibilities, you can do this, too, and make life better for everyone in your home.


Infant Brain Study Makes Case for Paid Leave

Research by Steinhardt’s Natalie Brito suggests that infants whose mothers received paid family leave showed greater brain activity in their first three months

In the fall of 2021, Democrats pushed to establish a national paid leave program under the Build Back Better Act, an initiative that would guarantee paid family and sick leave to US workers. The bill faltered in the Senate before eventually being shelved when it failed to garner enough votes.

Without a paid leave policy, the US maintains its position as the only industrialized nation that doesn’t guarantee this aid to its citizens. Nearly 80 percent of US workers do not receive paid leave through their employer, leaving them, when having children, to choose between earning a paycheck or bonding with their newborns.

Infant Brain Study Helps Make Case for a Universal US Paid Leave Policy (

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Teeth Brushing

Many children fight teeth brushing. While parents may tell you that their children don't like it, you know it matters to their health. Try suggesting that parents brush alongside their toddlers or take turns letting the child brush their teeth and then brushing their child's teeth. Singing songs can help too, or a toothbrush with a favorite character. A little bit of playfulness can increase cooperation and reduce power struggles.

Teeth Brushing - YouTube


Kindergarten Teachers Want Incoming Students to Focus on Life Skills, Not Academic Ones

We’d rather they can tie shoes than recite the alphabet!

It’s no surprise that academic rigor has become the main focus of kindergarten in the United States. Kindergarten teachers are expected to teach a total of 98 academic standards to their class of 20+ five-year-olds. Those 98 standards were written with the assumption that these five-year-olds are entering kindergarten with a mile long list of academic skills. But how do you even begin to teach academics to kids that haven’t even learned to sit and listen to a story? It’s critical that incoming kindergartners know life skills first.

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News and Research

Calling all Early Childhood Educators! Seventeen national organizations dedicated to young children have come together to form a new Commission on Professional Excellence in Early Childhood Education.

The Commission’s mission, as originally outlined in the Unifying Framework for the Early Childhood Education Profession, is to develop and promote the framework for a unified, cohesive, and equitable early childhood education profession informed by and in partnership with early childhood educators across states and settings.

Upon launch and in ongoing recognition of the importance of educators’ voices, the Commission is opening an application process for individual early childhood educators to apply to be co-equal, full voting members of the Commission. Applications are open until Friday May 27th, and all associated expenses for early childhood educators to participate will be covered by the Commission’s organizational members. The Commission will appoint up to seven early childhood educators, representing a diverse cross-section of the profession.

Application information here…

6 Kids Speak Out Against Hair Discrimination - The New York Times (

One day last spring, Jett Hawkins, 5, asked his mom to braid his hair for him. He loved the way it looked: “I was so proud and happy,” says Jett, who lives in Chicago. But when he got to school, his mother says, an administrator called her and told her that his hairstyle had broken a school policy that banned students from wearing braids, locs and twists.

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Employment Opportunities

Peninsula Behavioral Health is hiring for multiple positions!

  • Mental Health Therapists - Adults and Children (signing bonus offered)

  • Certified Medical Assistant

  • Behavioral Health Care Navigators

  • Care Coordinator – Medical Services

  • Case Manager – PATH (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness) Program

  • Peer Support Specialists – Outreach Services

For additional information & to apply:

  • Contact Cecille Anderson in Human Resources at 360-457-0431

  • Email resume to

  • Visit our careers page on our website at

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Camp Beausite Northwest is hiring Summer Camp Counselors


Come care for the best campers on the planet, make friends, and get paid to play outdoors for the summer. Leadership positions available, no experience necessary, just a passion for inclusion and kindness. Fully paid training.

  • Salary: $300-$450 per week, includes housing, delicious meals, and weekends off.

  • Dates: June 3 - August 6, flexible schedule options in one week or multi week commitments.

For more information, the job description, or to apply, check us out

More Info & Apply

Sunshine and Rainbows Child Care - Forks

Best job ever: All you do is play. Childcare worker in Forks daycare. Taking care of children is a rewarding experience and one so important in our world today. Parents who are working or going to school depend on good childcare for their children and you can be the one to provide that. Must be able to change diapers, learn about early childhood best practices, teach, play, comfort, encourage, protect, make their day fun and all about them. On the job training and

certification, 16.5 an hour to start, with increments based on training, 300.00 toward insurance, and accrued time off.

Apply Now!

Peninsula College

  • Early Childhood Specialist 3-full time permanent position

  • Early Childhood Specialist 3-temporary 9-month position

  • Early Childhood Specialist 1- part time

Grants & Funding Opportunities

Do you or your organization need local data for your grant writing? Check out this link!!! It has information regarding Clallam County data!

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