Hopes high for a Biomarker to Prove DES Exposure!

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The mission of DES Action USA is to identify, educate, empower and advocate for individuals exposed to the anti-miscarriage drug DES (diethylstilbestrol).
Information is power when it comes to DES-exposure.
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A Healthy Baby Girl

Groundbreaking Video Now Available

Here's filmmaker Judith Helfand as a baby with her proud mom. Their lives turned upside down with the wrenching diagnosis that 25-year old Judith had cervical CCA, the cancer linked to DES.

To cope, she documented her family's trauma and how she became an activist as a result of being a DES Daughter. Unavailable until now, A Healthy Baby Girl can be downloaded for $5: 

It's the movie that told the world about DES! 

See it again, or for the first time!

Update: Judith's beloved mom
died last fall but suddenly this
spring a long hoped for adoption came through and now joyfully,
DES Daughter Judith has her own healthy baby girl! We wish
her, and baby Theo, the very best! 


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Blood Test May 
Confirm DES Exposure! 

Researchers On The Hunt for a DES Biomarker

May 2014

It's long been the hope that a simple blood test could identify a biomarker proving prenatal DES exposure. Someday may be sooner than later!
Recruits from the NCI DES Follow-up Study will donate blood so researchers can look for differences between exposed and unexposed samples. Advanced scientific tools now make this investigation possible.
Finding a DES biomarker is of interest to the DES community - but also has the attention of researchers working on other endocrine disruptors.  A breakthrough like this can be huge for scientists looking to understand harms linked to dose and timing of prenatal exposures. Identifying a DES biomarker could start the ball rolling on finding other endocrine disrupting biomarkers. Then, with indisputable scientific data maybe regulators will be forced into action to better protect health.
If all goes well researchers hope to locate a DES biomarker by early next year and we'll follow their progress for you.
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Also In The VOICE:
Alternative For Paps -
What's the Impact For
DES Daughters?

FDA approval of an HPV DNA test as a first-line screening for cervical cancer raised concerns among DES Daughters. An annual Pap/pelvic exam to check for cervical/vaginal cancer has been the rule for years.

But with this new test are Paps going away?
Breathe easier, Paps will be around for awhile.

The new HPV DNA test may be offered as an option. There are pros and cons to both tests. The important thing is to have good lines of communication with your doctor. 

Whether you choose the Pap, HPV test, or both - DES Daughters should not skip their annual pelvic exams!

Full details on the changing world of cervical cancer screening are in the current VOICE.
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