Do ESA Dogs Need Training?

For centuries dogs have been man’s best friend. In old times, it was kept for hunting or security purposes. Today, many service dogs can dogs eat popcorn help mankind by giving support to the physically disabled. But they provide us with emotional support too! Many doctors recommend that people who suffer from mental illness like anxiety, PTSD, stress or depression, keep emotional support animals. Science has proven that keeping an animal helps boost morale and builds confidence. 


If you are one of those who are thinking of keeping a dog you should know can dogs eat pineapple or have adopted an ESA recently but want to learn more about it? If yes, one of your main concerns would be to know whether ESA dogs need any specific training? This blog is all about the training of your ESA dog. 


First of all, do ESA dogs need training? The answer is YES! But don’t worry, they don’t need rigorous training as service dogs do. The training of ESA dogs is rather simple. The service dog is trained to be alert, learn information, and perform specific actions. However, an emotional support animal is only meant to provide psychological support.


Let’s take a look at what kind of training your ESA dog requires.


At home

At home, your ESA enjoys its own space and plays as much as it wants. However, it must not cause a disturbance to the neighbors. According to the Peace Act, you might be deprived of your ESA laws benefits, if your ESA maltipoo disturbs the people around. The ESA letter will let you keep an ESA dog even if the housing society has no pet-policy. You can also take your dog on a flight. You can request your doctor to provide you with an ESA letter for housing or for traveling purposes. But you have to make sure that the ESA does not bring discomfort to your neighbors or make loud noises. you should train the dog to be calm. Start with the basic ‘sit’, ‘stand’ and ‘stay’ commands. Encourage it with a treat when they act properly. You should also begin toilet training at home. You can hire a professional dog trainer or use the crate training techniques. If the dog is alone at home while you’re away at work, make sure to give it a toy so that it doesn’t make loud noises or aggressively search for you. Once you teach your dog to stay quiet, tell it to keep quiet when you go outside. 


In parks or recreational places

Before you take your dog out for a walk, or to any recreational place, be aware that it doesn’t attack or bark at people. Some dog breeds can become excited when they meet new people while some act aggressively! Train your dog to stay calm when meeting new people. Some dogs are afraid of fireworks or loud noises. Know the personality of your dog before you take it out for a walk. ESA dogs are not allowed to visit any place that sells or serves food to people. You must carry a plastic bag or two, in case your dog poops on the sidewalks. Else, you might be fined. 


While flying

On a plane, you don’t need to keep a presa canario in a cage or have to pay any additional charges. But you have to make sure that the ESA dog does not disturb other passengers. It should also appropriately use the toilet. Try that it wears a leash or vest which has the owner’s name mentioned on it. Flights can be chaotic, your dog may not feel comfortable so keep a toy with you. It will help divert its attention. 


We hope that by now, we’ve answered your questions up to a greater extent. If you have more specific questions about the related documentation, you can consult your mental health physician. If you wish to learn about the suitable breeds of dog, you can ask the vet.