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I used to be a systems administrator. Part of being a systems administrator is working with servers, racks, and cabling.

Have you ever heard of "cabling hell?" It's when there's no thought to how server cables are run (pictured).  Each new cable is threaded around the existing cables, over time making a nest of cables. If you need to open the rack, much less make a change, you need a bit of luck. If one cable wiggles, it might accidentally jostle the power cable away from a production server.

When cabling is done well, it's beautiful. Servers are easy to maintain. Network issues can be triaged easily. A whole class of issues goes away.

Why does cabling hell exist? Why doesn't everyone run beautiful cabling?

Partly, the people doing the cabling need to know the work is valued. (Tom Limoncelli, for example, writes about unplugging unlabeled servers without warning.)

Partly, the organization needs to value doing things right. Have you ever heard the quote, "We don't have time to do it right--but we have time to do it twice?"

Cabling hell is part of my inspiration for starting this company. How can we give people the time to do things right--to minimize the total cost of ownership and to make all our lives easier?

-John Borwick

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Presentation recordings

John gave two presentations in June. Especially check out the Project CG presentation--it's about the interconnection between project management and other frameworks like service management!

Selected blog posts

Here are a few of the blog posts since our last newsletter:
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