Knowers vs. learners, a recorded webinar about ITSM and IT governance, and the higher education service catalog list.
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Knowers vs. learners

Dr. Deming, a process improvement expert, started his meetings by asking people, "why are we here?" When it was his turn to answer the question, he'd always say, "I'm here to learn, and I'm here to have fun."
Traditional Western management asks managers to be knowers. You must know what your employees are doing. You must be able to answer the questions asked of you. You must know the exact direction for your team.
But how can you know everything? If ten employees report to a manager, and the manager must know what they are all doing, each of them can do 10% of what the manager can know. Employees are greatly limited when managers think of themselves as knowers.
However, it is possible for management to be learners. In this mode, managers want to work with their employees to learn, and they want to help employees learn too. When the manager's asked a question, they may say, "I don't know, but I'll find out," while at the same time trying to learn why the question's being asked.
Moving from knower to learner requires self-confidence and commitment. People may perceive learners as weaker managers. But inevitably, teams will be more productive and outcomes will improve, because managers who learn will engage the brains of their entire teams.

John Borwick
Manager and Founder

Recording: Connecting ITSM to IT governance

March 5, John presented for the EDUCAUSE ITIL Constituent Group about how ITSM can support IT governance. The slides and a recording are now available.

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