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Providing value to students

How does your institution engage students to understand and deliver IT service that they value?
Faculty and staff regularly talk with IT, because they need new services to do their jobs more effectively. But students--already busy with school--may want to see IT services too, but not have the time to advocate for those services.
Although IT's often two or three steps removed from value delivery for students (e.g. IT supports financial aid who supports students), campus IT can also provide direct value to students. And of faculty, staff, and students, students are the only ones directly paying for services.
Maybe students would like guaranteed network bandwidth for video game consoles; maybe they'd like access to video-editing labs for group video projects. The only way to find quick wins--low-effort, high-value services--is to talk with students about what they value.
In considering how to engage students, use existing structures: perhaps student government. And focus on building a process for engaging students rather than short-term partnerships with particular students; students are transient but a flexible process can ensure student feedback and participation for many years.

John Borwick
Manager and Founder

Freely available templates

We're just starting to build an open repository of IT-related templates. All templates are released under the GNU Free Documentation License.
Right now there's not much that's useful: just a bare-bones project charter, really.
Are there other templates you'd like to see? Or do you have templates to contribute? Let us know!

Selected blog posts

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