Made in the Lower East Side | We open Storefronts to Possibilities

Under the theme of "Untapped Capital", miLES is curating 4 locations to showcase creative uses of untapped resources during New Museum's Ideas City festival from May 1 to May 4, we will disclose these storefront locations and themes everyday leading up to the beginning of the festival!

"Storefront for starter projects" will showcase emerging projects that relate to observations and creative making of cities that was initiated by tapping funds from the public. Curated with Kickstarter, miLES invited participants to share their funding experience and the making-of through panel discussions on three evenings. The projects will be on display at the storefront on May 4th throughout the day.

The event will be a resource for the community to learn about starting and funding creative projects, for creative entrepreneurs and artist to share experiences with each other, and to inspire people with ideas to turn them into actions.

Storefront for Starter Projects: A storefront that showcase emerging starter projects

May 1 (Wed) 7pm - 9pm (Panel Discussions)
May 2 (Thurs) 7pm - 9pm (Panel Discussions)
May 4 (Sat) 10am - 6pm (Kickstarter Projects Showcase)
May 4 (Sat) 7pm - 9pm (Panel Discussions)

75 E 4th Street (between Bowery and 2nd Ave)

Check out the participants of each panel below and get tickets now! Volunteer for us during Ideas City and get a free complimentary ticket to a Kickstarter Panel at Storefront for Starter Projects or a Class at Storefront for Learning, email us at to claim it!

-the miLES Team

Kickstarter Panel
May 1 | 7-9pm

Moderated by Megan Hafner and Zeynep Goksel

Todd Shalom
Elastic City 

Commissions artists to lead conceptual and poetic walks throughout and outside of NYC.

Huy Bui

Living, modular, sculptural 21st century terrariums for discovering new ways to interact with plants.

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Kickstarter Projects Showcase

May 4 | 10am-6pm

Todd Shalom
Elastic City 

Huy Bui

Alex Mallis
Portraits of the Solidarity Economy

Sam + Leslie Davol

Kendyll Gage-Ripa + Alexa Stark
Here Now

Kickstarter Panel

May 2 | 7-9pm

Moderated by Nora Yoo and Ian Veidenheimer

Alex Mallis
Portraits of the Solidarity Economy
7 short films about New Yorkers who are growing a different kind of economy.

Sam + Leslie Davol
A structure that will allow us to quickly deploy and operate temporary reading rooms in almost any urban settings.

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Kickstarter Panel

May 4 | 7-9pm

Moderated by Megan Hafner and Eric Ho

Kendyll Gage-Ripa + Alexa Stark
Here Now
Here Now takes the working concept of multi-purpose space as a gallery and work space for participating artists to collaborate, as well as temporary retail shop and a setting for events. 

Special Guest: Greg Spielberg
Imagination in Space

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