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March: Warmer days are close!
Early months of a year can be tough: broken resolutions, too little sunshine, a seemingly endless wait for warmer days. Hopefully in March it'll all get better with first spring flowers, some fine books and an absinthe tour! 

Stop and smell the snowflakes
It’s still a few weeks till the official beginning of spring, but already you’ll have seen the first flowers blooming in Brno gardens. If you want to enjoy something unique when it comes to spring flowers, we have three tips for you!

An expat's guide to Brno libraries
The month of March has been devoted to books, readers and libraries in the Czech Republic since 1955. For the bookworms out there, we're bringing a list of Brno expat-friendly libraries.
Written by expats

 At the movies: Brooklyn - One for the expats
Sometimes living abroad can be tough on the emotions. Brooklyn is a well crafted melodrama that will perhaps be best enjoyed by expats who feel caught between two shores.
Ice hockey, soccer, horse racing, baseball, basketball, American football... For a sports fan, Brno is a fantastic place to live. And March is usually a good month for local sports. 
Invitation to our event

BEC guided tour: Decadent Brno feat. Absinthe
Sat, Mar 26, meeting point: Terranova corner on Masarykova street, 6.30 pm
This controversial, highly alcoholic green liquid is something of a cultural icon here, with several brands available. We will take you into three bars, tell you about the history and manufacturing and show you the great ritual of drinking absinthe. Enjoy the aura of illicitness and mystery surrounding absinthe, that had famously inspired literature, movies and music! We collect 300 CZK as a compensation for costs in advance. Please sign up
Expats' voice

Share your thoughts on a job search!
We'd like to ask for your help designing a new type of a seminar on finding work so that it is as useful for you as possible!
If you're currently searching for a job, please take a minute to fill in this short questionnaire.
Offers from our partners and referral programme members:
FEI opens a new training centre in Brno
The training center for the service of electron microscopes and demonstration facilities for new instruments will cover an area of almost 1000 m2. The office parts of the building are also awaiting expansion. FEI expects a strengthening of personnel, especially in the department for software development. 

Masaryk University Language Centre is hiring
Masaryk University Language Centre is an educational and research institution that is seeking collaborators for contracted hours in the following fields: translations (Czech-English); text editing, proof-reading and revisions (English); language counselling (English) and language teaching (any language). Please apply at

Financial expert Pafin will save drivers money
Are you a car owner? Do you pay more and more for your car liability and collision insurance every year? 50 % of price is affected by bonuses. Did you know that you can transfer your bonuses from abroad to the Czech Republic? There are 12 car insurence providers. Find the most suitable one for you with Pafin!

New educational centre will prepare you for real life
Do you want to get effective and useful knowledge of Czech for your social life and dealing with Czech institutions in a short time? Mr. Kompliment offers classes of social and business Czech. You'll be surprised how far you can get within 2 months! Discounts available till March 20.

MasterAPP: Mobile apps reaching for the stars
World class mobile application developer from Brno is currently searching for German and English language speakers for external or internal co-operation. Are you a native speaker looking for a part time job? Become part of our marketing & PR team. We love breakfast and home office is fully supported!

Your skin does not have to suffer even in winter
This time of the year poses an increased burden on our skin: high temperature differences, dry air frosts, intense sunshine, and many layers of synthetic clothing. Get advice on the best possible care for your skin in the largest dermocentrum in Brno, Chytrá lékárna on Kobližná street, or other branches (Česká, Orlí, Slovákova, Oblá)!
Other tips worth your attention

Movie Monday: The Candidate (with Robert Redford)
Mar 7, Moravian library, Kounicova 65a, ground floor, 6.30 pm
Californian lawyer Bill McKay fights for the little man. His charisma and integrity get him noticed by the Democratic Party machine and he is persuaded to run for the Senate. Screened at the occasion of the US presidential election. Free admission.
Jazz Fest - Gregory Porter (USA) 
Mar 8, Bobycentrum, Sportovní 2, 7.30 pm
A disarmingly sincere performer, with a groove that never quits, a voice of incredible virtuosity and a seemingly universal appeal as a songwriter, Gregory Porter’s lyrics often speak as dreams do, in the languages of image and emotion, to communicate thoroughly, though not always directly.
Classically and unusually – 20 % off for BEC members
Mar 10+11, Besední dům, Komenského nám. 8, 7.30 pm
Viennese classics vs. Czech music of the 20th century – Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Ervín Schulhoff, and Miloslav Kabeláč played by Brno Philharmonic. Tickets available on-line or at the ticket offices in Besední street and Dům pánů z Lipé in nám. Svobody 17. With the password "BEC classical" you get 20 % off.
Saint Patrick's day day of Irish culture
Mar 11, KC Líšeň, Klajdovská 28, 7 pm
Irish culture with all senses: ceilí and other dance performances, whiskey tasting, music by Dálach and Eoghan O'Reilly. Dress code in the colours of the Irish flag!
One World Film Festival
Mar 29-Apr 5, various locations
The biggest human rights film festival organised by People in Need will take place for the 17th time in Brno. English screenings and screening with English subtitles will take place in Kabinet Múz in Sukova 4. Tickets available online

Future Gate Festival
Mar 17-20, Kino Art, Cihlářská 19
The third annual festival of science fiction movies brings both new and legendary movies in a special version with carefully selected awarded films. Themed decorations, accompanying program and costumed fans!
Easter festival of sacred music
Mar 20-Apr 3, various locations
Highlights of the festival include a performance by the French all-female ensemble Discantus, interweaving medieval Easter repertoires from France and the Czech lands, in the unique venue of the basilica in Staré Brno. Tickets are available on-line, at the ticket offices in Besední street and Dům pánů z Lipé in nám. Svobody 17. With the password "BEC classical" you get 20 % off.!
Easter day holy communion
Mar 27, The Upper Room, Mozartova 7, 5 pm
An English-language Anglican service of Holy Communion with Rev'd Ricky Yates.
All events are also advertised in our BEC Google Calendar.
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