BEC monthly newsletter 11/2014

 Brno queers have no fear, equality is here
Brno is relatively gay-friendly, but not all is rainbows and unicorns here. Following-up our cooperation with the Mezipatra Film Festival, in November we are focusing on local queer community.
As a co-producer of a film about Brno expats, BEC invites you to get involved and contribute to the crowdfunding scheme the Portuguese and Italian film-makers recently launched. To reach the target amount, there are 12 days left.

At the Movies - Pelíšky: a wonderfully moving family tragicomedy
"If you don’t know why someone would have a live fish in their bathtub, grab a Czech friend before sitting down to watch Pelíšky." A review of the Czech movie Pelíšky (Cosy Dens), set months before the fateful 1968.

Food corner - Leporelo: simple, subtle and stunning
The Leporelo restaurant has some interesting art and ambiance (after all, they are in the House of Arts). The space will put you in a cheerful mood. And the food? "We ate voraciously." 
Invitation to our event

BEC InformAL: Brno Queer
Fri, November 14, Cafe Bar Scala, 5.30 pm

The event is linked with the queer film festival Mezipatra. Various shades of the queer will be discussed e.g. with Maggie Martin – a lesbian from the USA who lives in Brno with her Czech girlfriend, and Veronika Muselíková – a Czech lesbian who lives with her girlfriend and their 1,5 year old baby. People of all sexual orientation welcome.
Expats' voice

The South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC) has come up with a new term to use in communication with researches, managers and investors. They would love to hear your perspective on it as a non-native Czech speaker. Please explore the "Ideashire" in a short survey!
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Decathlon becomes the first client of CTP retail park
CTP’s first retail park, Brno Retail Park in Modřice, has the first client. On Friday, Oct 31 2014, the Decathlon chain opened its store with sport fashion and equipment on an area of 3000 square metres. To test the products offered by the store, customers can use a nearby playground.

Learn more about the education at the International School of Brno at a fun afternoon in Čejkovická street 10 on Sat, November 29 from 3 to 5 pm. ISB teachers will entertain your children with craft activities and games, while you can explore the school and chat with the management and ISB families.

Think of prevention against the flu
Influenza vaccination is the safest form of prevention and it is recommended to all often in close contact with groups of people - colleagues, clients, friends, or have chronic health disorders or compromised immunity. Read more about flu vaccinations and contact our center in OC LETMO.
Other tips and events in Brno
Skylight from West End 
Nov 6, Kino Scala, 7.45 pm 
Bill Nighy (Love Actually) and Carey Mulligan feature in the highly anticipated West End production of David Hare’s Skylight, directed by Stephen Daldry. Broadcast to cinemas by National Theatre Live. In English, with English and Czech subtitles.

ESCape Halloween party
Nov 6, Livingstone Club, Dominikánské nám. 5, 8 pm
The annual ESCape Halloween party thrown for the freshmen of the Department of English and American Studies at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University. Scary parade of costumes, fun and  prizes.
Visions of Light 
November 6-8, Kino Art, Cihlářská 19
Petr Šoupal and Duncan Hendy will be screening films whose content and structure were ahead of their time, still have their relevance, and their creators, often despite initial rejection, became classics and icons.
Dance workshop and ball
Nov 8, Sýpka (Granary), Kytnerova 1, 10 am-midnight
A whole-day workshop of English country dances (mostly group dances where you can exchange glances and smiles with ladies and gentlemen around the room) plus a whole-night ball under the expert guidance of Kateřina Klementová. Entrance fee is 350 CZK.
Public lecture: Vanishing into Visibility
Nov 10, Moravian Library - Conference Room, Kounicova 65a, 6.30 pm
A lecture by Jeffrey A. Vanderziel (from the Masaryk University) on Native Americans who were considered a vanishing race doomed to extinction, and yet are increasingly visible in American society and culture nowadays. In English, free admission.
Khatar san? - Where are you from? 
Nov 12, Moravian Gallery, Husova 8, 6.30 pm
An English guided exhibition visit with a sociologist talking about migration, family, work, and life of the Romani arriving from Slovakia to the Czech lands after the World War II. Unique multimedia instalation with  photographs, artefacts and audio memories.
Mezipatra Film Festival
Nov 15-22, various cinemas
The largest queer film festival in Central and Eastern Europe that presents both art and mainstream queer movies from around the world. All films will be screened in their original language with English and Czech subtitles.
International Festival Janáček Brno
Nov 21-29, various places
The most significant date for this year's Janáček festival is the 160th anniversary of the composer's birth. That is why the festival, with its subtitle Happy Birthday Leoš, celebrates the eternally youthful composer in a joyful and unpretentious manner.
Next Door Family 2014
Nov 23, 1 pm, your place or your host's place
Invite new friends for a Sunday lunch, taste international cuisine and experience the unusual meeting either at your home or at your hosts' place. Watch the Next Door Family documentary movie from the last year and apply for this year!
Reading and tea at the Oxford Bookshop
Nov 26, Oxford Bookshop, Novobranská 1, 6.30 pm
An evening of reading from Northanger Abbey, a novel by Jane Austen, in both Czech and English complemented by a cup of tea at the Oxford Bookshop. Free entry.
All events are also advertised in our BEC Google Calendar.

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