BEC monthly newsletter 06/2013

 Expat Families - The Core of Every Expat Community
We value expat families because we believe them to be the heart of the community as well as the central focus of our work. That is why we would like to bring them together more often and keep in touch with their complex knowledge and experience. Read more about what the BEC and the City of Brno have to offer to expats and their family members.

BEC Advisory Board

We are still looking for people who would help us to propose & introduce new services and engage BEC in making Brno more international. As our small team has only limited scope of knowledge & contacts we have recently founded the informal Advisory Board. Its role is mainly bringing the external view to our strategic planning and the larger brainpower for adapting our services to the needs of the increasing number of foreign employees in the region.

Invitation to our events
Summer Volleyball Tournament and BBQ 2013
Saturday, June 15, 2 pm, International school of Brno, Čejkovická 4339/10, Brno - Vinohrady
Join Volleyball tournament with other expats! in cooperation with the International school of Brno and the Brno Expat Centre organize a volleyball tournament with BBQ. The event takes place in the area of the International school of Brno and the starting fee is 300 CZK/per team or 60 CZK/ if you are applying as individual.

BEC InformAL Meeting: Brno for Families
Wednesday, June 19, 5:30 pm, Dětský Kabinet Múz, Sukova 4
The more we work with expats in Brno, the more we realise that families are truly the core unit of the Brno expat community. That is why in June we decided to focus on expat families with children.
Come to meet our interesting guest speakers and share your own experience or get some tips for family-oriented services and activities in Brno. And feel free to bring your friends and family - there will be a children´s corner ready for our youngest visitors.

BEC Trip: 100-sample Wine Tasting in the National Wine Centre - Valtice
Saturday, June 29, 12:15 pm, Hlavní nádraží train station, Nádražní 1
Join us for an epic wine tasting occasion! National Wine Centre in Valtice chateau has a collection of 100 different wines and you can sample each and every one of them.  The programme takes 90 minutes. We will be there with you to interpret and show you around.

Fellow expat's voice
This month's topic: BEC Registration Contest coming to its close
The deadline of our BEC Registration Contest (June 16) is near! You have ten more days to talk to your friends and colleagues and let them know about BEC and our free services (consultations, attending events, downloading updated Infosheets on various topics). Do so and win one of the juicy prizes: vouchers to a luxury restaurant Pavillon, free entry to Aquapark Kohoutovice, free skiing or beach volleyball vouchers from and more. More details here.
We thank our partners:
Offers from our Referral programme members:
New project of one of the BEC partner companies
Dixons Retail SSC is still growing! One of our latest projects is a brand new Infrastructure team in IT department counting 10 guys from all over the world and that is not definitely the final number. Check out our websites for more information.

Take off with GTS after your graduation
Can you speak English fluently and communicate in any other European language? Join us. We are currently looking for suitable candidates for the following positions: Team Leader for the German teamRecruitment Specialist and Management Information Specialist.

Think about a preventive dental visit before your child turns twelve months.
Did you know, that your children's teeth are as important as their permanent teeth? It is recommended to come for the first visit when their first teeth grow. Czech insurance covers a check-up twice a year, dentists Ms. Milidragová and Ms. Bakošová add. Don´t hesitate and do the best for your little ones. Take them for a dental check to our office. We are looking forward to your visit.

Online Help Centre for tax-related issues
Having trouble figuring out Czech tax issues? Send us your questions, we'll answer and publish them in our Tax Forum free of charge. We also welcome your opinions and contributions related to the financial topics we cover on our web.
Tips for more events
Theatre World Brno
Friday - Friday, Jun 7-14, theatres all around the Brno centre
The international festival offers the public productions by outstanding ensembles from around the world as well as the most captivating shows the Czech theatre scene has to offer.
Ignis Brunensis Festival
Saturday, Wednesday, Friday, Jun 8, 12, 14, Brno Lake and Špilberk Castle
Don´t miss the last shows of the sixteenth year of an international fireworks festival and competition, especially the grand finale above the castle.
Original English Stand up Comedy
Wednesday, Jun 12, 8 pm, Metro Music Bar, Poštovská 6
Crown Comedy Club is bringing it's first show of many to Brno: three professional performers and a game for the audience will definiely be worth it. Tickets available online ( or sold at Indies club on Postovska 2.

International dance festival - Tanec Praha
Thursday, Wednesday, Monday, Jun 13, 19, 24
International festival of contemporary dance and movement theater Dance Prague 2013 comes to brno to Bakra and HaDivadlo theathres.

The Night of Masks
Friday, Jun 14, around 6 pm, all around the Brno centre
The last day of the Theatre World Festival will be celebrated a number of actors walking around the city centre.
New music and unexpected experiences at unobvious places: New Music - Resounding Gardens
Friday and Saturday, June 14-15, Villa Tugendhat garden and/or "glass room", Černopolní 45, Tickets - 100 CZK or 50 CZK (reduced price)
The exposition offers the audience a unique opportunity to encounter music in Brno gardens, places turned into gardens as well as concert halls: installations, performances and live concerts in gardens of famous personalities and unique villas, also in the botanical gardens or an eco-garden.
Saturday, June 15, the whole area of Cejl - Kornerova, Tkalcovská streets
Brno street festival taking place in a part of Brno sometimes called Brno Bronx. The main point of the festival is to present this part of Brno through art, music, dance and debates and make it thus more open to all.

Music Day II in Villa Tugendhat - French Inspirations
Friday, Jun 21, 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm, the "glass room" of Villa Tugendhat, Černopolní 45, Tickets - 300 CZK
Villa Tugendhat and the Brno Contemporary Orchestra will present their new programme dedicated to authors inspired by France, who came from elsewhere.
Naturally: Karel Novák - Jock Sturges
May - July 28, Moravska galerie (Museum of Applied Arts), Husova 18, Wed - Sun (10 am - 6 pm), Thu (10 am - 7 pm), Mon and Tue closed
American photographer and his Czech counterpart documenting life in the naturist community have stories to tell. A taboo can never be abolished.

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